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Aegean Coast Holidays

The coast of Turkey which faces the Aegean Sea is located on the western side of the country. This region is one of the seven regions which have been census-defined. The Aegean Coast is a region which is very popular for tourism and attracts tourists from all over the world. It is the Aegean Sea which faces the western coast of the country and thereby gives the name of the region. The clear blue waters, sparkling sands, and the turquoise seas all make it very attractive for the people to come for their holiday purpose at Aegean Coast. Also, the historical background of the place which is still evident from the numerous ruins present in the region makes it a really sought-after destination for travellers.

Famous Aegean Coast Holidays Attraction

There are many cities in the Aegean Coast region in Turkey which make it really an attractive place to come and spend a vacation. Bergama is the city which is the modern version of the city Pergamon which was an ancient city. Other cities which are popular include Bodrum, Cesme, Didim, Dikili, Denizli, Fethiye, etc are also popular with tourists. The capital of the region which is Izmir is also popular and is the third largest city in Aegean Coast region. Ruins of ancient cities like Gokceada, Ephesus, etc are also great sights to see and explore while you are at Aegean Coast for your holiday purpose.

Weather in Aegean Coast

The climate in the Aegean region of Turkey is very pleasant and favourable for the people to come and spend their time in Aegean Coast. Winters are mild and pleasant and summers are hot and sunny. The temperature in summers can get to even high thirties but simultaneously cooling of the coast also takes place with the cool breeze which blows.

Top Aegean Coast Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Beautiful beaches along the Aegean coast in Turkey make the place highly sought after. These beaches provide a great place for relaxation and fun in the sun with a much laid back attitude. Also, the resorts on the beaches make it a great way to have the maximum time on the beaches which are adorned with crystal clear waters and golden sands.

Hotels and resorts along the Aegean Coast provide for a good stay for travellers on Aegean Coast holidays. These hotels provide star-class luxury to tourists.  These hotels include Kempinski Hotel, El Vino Hotel, The Muses House Boutique Hotel, Oykun Hotel, Club Sultan Maris, Hillside beach club, etc.

Shopping Places for Aegean Coast Holidays Traveller

Various good places to shop are present in the region. Travellers on Aegean Coast can buy stuff like jewellery etc from the Vogue Jewellery and Diamond Centre, Kizlaragasi Han Bazaar, Grand Bazzar, Marmaris Thursday Market, etc.

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