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Agadir Holidays

Agadir is a city which is located in Morocco and is primarily a tourist destination for people who wish to explore the city, its history and beaches and also the surrounding places which are easily accessible easily. The city is located in the southern part of Morocco at the foot of the Atlas Mountains and has a shore on the Atlantic Ocean. The mild climate, the amazing beaches, the natural parks, etc make the city of Agadir a highly frequented place amongst tourists. People come here and have a tremendous time exploring this modern and dynamic city and also the areas surrounding it.

Famous Agadir Holidays Attraction

Beach tourism is highly promoted in the city of Agadir. The main attraction is the beach which is a pleasant experience to relax at. Also, there is a fortress which is located on a hill beside the city which acts as a popular spot for sightseeing. A small zoo called "Vallée des Oiseaux" provides a look into the wildlife of the area. Also, there are numerous museums in the city like Musee de Talborjt "La Casbah", Musee Bert Flint, Musee Municipal de Agadir, Le Musse des Arts Berberes, etc which provide an insight into the history of the city for those on Agadir.

Weather in Agadir

The weather of Agadir is mild all throughout the year. The city acts as a ‘winter sun’ destination since the climate is pleasantly mild in that season too. This variation of temperature and weather from the other regions around it is due to the shield that is provided by the Atlas Mountains. The mountains shield the city from the warm and dust-laden winds of the Sahara Desert. This Canary Island weather is greatly enjoyed by tourists who come on Agadir for there valuble holidays.

Top Agadir Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The shoreline of the city Agadir has a very wide, clean and sandy beach which runs all along the coast. The beach is stunningly beautiful and is worth all the trouble coming to Agadir. The hills and the old fortress which overlook the beach provide a stupendous view to the tourists who come to cherish the beauty of this beach which they discover on their Agadir holidays.

Many luxury hotels are present in the city of Agadir to provide all luxuries and conveniences to the tourists.  These hotels include Hotel Timoulay, ClubHotel Riu Tikida Dunas, Hotel Kamal, Iberostar Founty Beach, Jacaranda Golf Hotel, Club Med Agadir, Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort, Hotel Riu Tikida Beach, etc.

Shopping Places for Agadir Holidays Traveller

Shops are present all over the city of Agadir. The Agadir Souk is a place where tourists on Agadir can find almost anything. Ceramics are one thing that are very popular with tourists and also are very well manufactured. Centre of Art craft is one place where you can get great deals for all local crafts and take them home as souvenirs too.

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