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Antigua Holidays

Antigua is a part of the Leeward Islands and forms one of the islands of West Indies. For the country of Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua forms the main land. The name of the island literally means ancient. Antigua is a beautiful island which has upscale tourism and provides amazing sights for the tourists on  Antigua. The Caribbean luxury getaway as this island is commonly called provides great energy for fun and frolic to the people. The tourists who come for a relaxed time here are simply awed by the beautiful beaches and also peace brought in by the surrounding seas.

Famous Antigua Holidays Attraction

Antigua is one of the most beautiful and with oldest histories in the whole of Americas. The city had been declared a UNESCO world heritage site long back in 1979 due to its rich history and amazing historical architecture. The most famous of these places to visit during  Antigua holidays  include the Arches of Santa Catarina which is a very famous landmark from 1694, though rebuilt after earthquake of 1773. La Merced is the most stunning of the colonial style churches in Antigua whose construction began as long back as 1548. Pacaya Volcano and Ixchel are other famous attractions to be visited in Antigua.

Weather in Antigua

The weather in Antigua is pleasant all the year round. The temperatures remain not too hot which make it really comfortable for the tourists to plan their  holidays in Antigua  at any time. December to March is the winter time when the average temperature drops by a few degrees from summer time. Rainy season runs from mid-September to November and the hurricane season extends from June to November in which the tourists are asked to be careful for the hurricane.

Top Antigua Holidays Beaches and Hotels

It is said that there is a different beach for every different day of the year in Antigua. This means that there are 365 beaches which can be explored by the tourists on  Antigua. The more popular beaches include the Carlisle Bay, the Half Moon Bay beach, Crab Hill Beach, Jabberwock beach, Darkwood beach, Long Bay Beach, Fort Bay Beach, Pigeon’s Point Beach, Green Island beach, etc.

Hotels in Antigua provide starred-luxury to the tourists who are on a  Antigua. These hotels include some popular choices of travellers like Galley Bay Resort, Hermitage Bay, Blue Waters Hotel, Curtain bluff resort, Hawksbill by Rex Resorts, Siboney Beach Club, etc.

Shopping Places for Antigua Holidays Traveller

For shopping while on  Antigua holidays , there are various places where travellers can search for the best items and great deals. These include the Redcliffe Quay, Heritage Quay and the Vendor’s Mall in St. John’s. These places incorporate the best deals for almost items that are famous for the place and also haggling can work for getting lower prices for deals.

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