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Arctic Circle Holidays

Arctic Circle is one of the five major circles of latitude that marks the map of the earth. But you may wonder why travel to a frozen landscape, rather than basking in a tropical paradise? Holidays to Arctic Circle will let you enjoy the uplifting feeling of being at the northernmost extremity of the globe and of having reached somewhere otherworldly. You can find an assortment of strange and wonderful wildlife in Arctic, which manages to survive the extreme conditions.

Arctic Circle Holidays Attraction

The Arctic Circle passes through the Arctic Ocean, North Asia, the Scandinavian Peninsula, Greenland and Northern America. The land of the Arctic Circle is divided between eight countries that include Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, the United States (i.e. Alaska), Canada, Denmark (i.e. Greenland) and Iceland. Throughout the Arctic Circle, you can find similarity among each country due to their climatic requirement. You can choose any of Arctic holidays Circle destinations depending on the culture and wildlife in which you are interested. Despite being famous for its frozen landscapes, in the summer above the Arctic Circle you can find vast stretches of green. Here you will get to know the ice-oriented human cultures as well as wildlife. 

Weather in Arctic Circle

The weather of the Arctic Circle is characterised broadly by short cool summer and long cold winters. One can see a large amount of variability in the climate across the Arctic. Some parts of the Arctic are covered by ice year-round. Since Arctic Circle consists of ocean that is nearly surrounded by land, the climate usually is moderated by the ocean water. The best time for Arctic holidays Circle to enjoy wildlife migrations is from March to November. If you are eager to have a glimpse of the polar bear in Canada then visit during the month of October and from July till August is the best time for beluga whales, fur seals and birds.

Top Arctic Circle Holidays Beaches and Hotels

One of the famous Arctic holidays Circle beaches is the Hall Beach, located at the north eastern tip of Melville Peninsula at the shores of Foxe Basin. Hall Beach is one of the longest permanently populated communities north of the Arctic Circle. Each year on April 1, Hall Beach has a Hamlet Day festival featuring a community feast, traditional games and square dancing.

Hotels of high standard, cabins in beautiful landscape, sea houses and guesthouses can be found in almost anywhere in the Arctic Circle and that makes accommodation easy for the tourists. Hall Beach Hotel, Arctic Circle Hotel, Lapland Hotel, ICEHOTEL etc are very few of the long list of hotels that are present in the Arctic Circle for accommodation. You can enjoy all luxuries and amenities in these hotels and enjoy great services too.

Shopping Places For Arctic Circle Holidays Travellers

Arctic Circle Mall, Sporten Havna, Tamo Rana, Amfi Meyer, Straumbotn Farm, Pruglhei Farm are some of the famous shopping places for Arctic holidays Circle travellers.

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