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Balearic Islands Holidays

An archipelago in the western Mediterranean Sea, the Balearic Islands is formed of many islands out of which there are five major ones. These islands are Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera. These islands are located off the coast of Spain and are a province of it. With the amazing climate, beautiful beaches and the rich culture that exists in these Balearic Islands, these are a very popular tourist destination. For the people who wish to have a relaxed time in vacations, Balearic Islands are a mecca and the experiences here are memorable.

Famous Balearic Islands Holidays Attraction

There is simply so much to explore in all the islands which make up the Balearic Islands. Ibiza is a party mecca for people in summers. Party goers from all over the world thrive in this place in the summer time. Also, the other islands too have specialties of their own. Majorca or Mallorca is famous for the remains of history that are present here. Coves, cliffs, and the rocky terrains that are present here are a great intrigue for people on Balearic Islands holidays who love adventure. Such activities and also the relaxation on the beaches is enough to attract people from all over the world to this pleasant place for their Balearic Islands holidays.

Weather in Balearic Islands

A very mild and pleasant weather exists in Balearic Islands.  These islands have characteristic Mediterranean weather which has dry and hot summers with good sunshine. The winters however may range from mild to cold and are also wet. Most precipitation on these islands is received in winters only and this makes the islands popular in the summer season. Winters are said to be the off-season and for those who wish to explore the sites and archaeological attractions can visit these islands at that time.

Top Balearic Islands Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The beaches of Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, etc are simply too good with the views that they have on offer. Also, the sunbathing that can be done in the tropical sun is relaxing. The beaches of Majorca which is the largest island are splendid with crystal clear waters and sun-kissed sands. Coves and cliffs and hidden caves are also something that tourists on Balearic Islands would love to explore.

For luxury of the tourists on Balearic Islands, there are various resorts and hotels which make their stay comfortable. These hotels include Finca Hotel Son Palou, Esplendido Hotel, Gran Sol, Hotel Playa Esperanza, Iberostar Ciudad Blanca, Hotel S'Entrador Playa, etc.

Shopping Places for Balearic Islands Holidays Traveller

Many good stores and shops are present here for the travellers to shop around on their Balearic Islands. Perfumes, shoes, clothes, souvenirs, beach gear, cigarettes, etc are available by way of good deals in the shopping places that are present here.

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