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Barbados Holidays

Located to the northeast of Venezuela, Barbados is an island which is located in the Caribbean. There was a long standing association of this island of Barbados with British as a colony under it. Thereby the island is also called as Little England. The place like a typical Caribbean island is a favourite for the travellers to visit and spend there holidays in Barbados . There are many places that one can visit here in this beautiful island which will make it a time worth remembering for all travellers.

Famous Barbados Holidays Attraction

The island of Barbados has plenty of places of natural scenic beauty as well as that for relaxation for the people on Barbados. Bridgetown is the capital of the island and is a highly visited place by the tourists. Other cities which are highly visited include Fustic, Holetown, Oistins, Speightstown, etc.

There are many places for sightseeing on the island. These include the parishes of St. George, St. Thomas, St, John, St. Lucy, and St. Andrew. Also, there is a very main attraction in central Barbados which is a limestone cavern site called Harrison Cave. Also, there is a Barbados Wildlife Reserve and Flower Forest etc. Also there are many beaches and places for surfing where people come for a great time.

Weather in Barbados

The island Barbados is located in Atlantic Ocean, east to all the Caribbean Islands present there.  The climate experienced in Barbados is tropical and also experiences a rainy season from June through October. Dry and wet season is experienced in the moderately tropical climate of the island. December to May is the dry season. Annual rainfall on the island is around 40-90 inches. Due to its eastern most location in the Atlantic Ocean, the island is spared of the tropical storms that rest Caribbean islands suffer from.

Top Barbados Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are many beaches in Barbados which are sandy, golden and pink and provide a true getaway for tourists who are on Barbados. Fine, pristine sands traverse the beaches where people can have a great time. Soup Bowl, Cattlewash, etc are some beaches on the east coast of the island. South coast has The Boatyard and the Dover Beach is present on the southern coast.

Finding a suitable place to live in Barbados is also easy and travellers can have a nice time. Little Arches Hotel, Southern Surf Beach Apartments, Peach and Quiet Hotel, Mango Bay Resort, The Sandpiper, etc is some of the best places in Barbados where you can stay on Barbados for your holiday purpose.

Shopping Places for Barbados Holidays Traveller

There are many cool products to check out when on Barbados holidays. Duty free selection provides numerous choices for people to shop around. These include gems, china items, crystal to electronic items, etc. Local items like t-shirts, hand-painted cloth, mahogany carvings, baskets, jewellery, rums, etc are available too.

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