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Berlin Holidays

Berlin is a beautiful residential and industrial city that attracts Berlin holidays visitors throughout the year. It is a major city in Europe that has an international airport, as well as luxurious hotels. Its various monuments and museums speak the history saga of Berlin City. It is situated in northeastern Germany. The city is worldwide famous for having several leading educational centers, research institutes, sporting events, orchestras, museums, and even famous personalities. The city attracts tourists for its great culture, festivals, unique architecture, nightlife, modern arts and even a unique way of living.

Famous Berlin Holidays Attraction

Berlin is a big and expansive city where you would be able to see several unique places. If you are keen to explore great fun in Berlin, you would need to spend a week if you are at holidays in Berlin. It is a big city that is full of historical and other places. Alexanderplatz, The Berliner Dom, Brandenburger Tor (gate), Checkpoint Charlie museum, The Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche or Memorial Church, The National Gallery are some places where you can go to explore your holidays in a different way. The Checkpoint Charlie museum is one of the most famous places where you will have ample chances to understand the history of Berlin.

Weather in Berlin

The weather in Berlin is pleasant and perfect throughout the year. The temperature goes below to zero degree during winter season and moves around 30 degree during summer. Thus, if you want to play in snow, you can go there during winter season and if you want to enjoy sitting near lakes and forests of the West Berlin, you can visit the city during summer season. However, keep the fact in mind that summer is also quite rainiest season in Berlin and thus, you can enjoy two seasons at the same time in Berlin.

Top Berlin Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The Berlin city has the famous beaches and hotels in all over the Germany. The nude beaches of Sylt, the Serene beaches attract the visitors very much. The city is jam-packed with worldwide famous hotels that are famous for delicious cuisines and special facilities. The city has various 5 stars, 3 stars hotels, such as include hotel Adlon Kempinski, Brandenburger Hof hotel, Alma Schlosshotel Im Grunewald, Grand Hyatt Berlin, the Regent hotel and intercontinental Berlin. These hotels attract visitors and let them enjoy the cultural atmosphere of Berlin in a complete manner. You would really enjoy the beautiful nightlife of the city.

Shopping Places For Berlin Holidays Travelers

If you are in Berlin for your holidays in Berlin then you can stop your eagerness to enjoy shopping in the particular city. The city is specially known for its shopping markets in all over the world. There are several places for shopping purpose, such as flea markets, antique markets and cheap bargain stores. The city is also famous for its special clothing of every variety that boasts of their special qualities.

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