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Black Sea Holidays

The Black Sea is an inland sea which is surrounded by the Caucasus and the Anatolian Peninsula and the south-eastern part of Europe. Various straits and the Aegean Sea connect the Black Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. Various cities and towns from different regions surrounding the Black Sea have a coast on this water body. This has led to the increase of tourism greatly to this region. There are various places which attract people for a Black Sea holidays and they are never disappointed with the time spent here and the experiences that are memories for life. The complete region around the Black Sea has undergone a transformation due to increase in tourism after the end of the Cold War making it a great place to visit.

Famous Black Sea Holidays Attraction

The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the Romanian Black Sea coast are the most famous places that are visited by tourists. There are various cities on either side which are very popular. The Romanian side has cities like Constanta, Mamaia, Costinesti, Eforie, Jupiter, Mangalia, Navodari, etc. For the Bulgarian side, there are simply numerous attractions and resorts like Durankulak, Shabla, Kavarna, Beglik Tash, Topola, Kabakum, Fichoza, Kamchia, etc. Also, there are many historic sites like Kaliakra, Ahtopol, Nesebar which is a UNESCO site too, etc making the coast a popular place for tourism. People on Black Sea holidays can explore any areas and gather amazing experiences.

Weather in Black Sea

Various factors affect the weather of the Black Sea as well as of the areas which surround the region. Short term variations are seen in the sea. The coastal regions experience a maritime climate which is pleasant and very much suited for people on Black Sea. There are various mechanisms too which affect the weather pattern of the Black Sea and therefore the neighbouring areas are also affected.

Top Black Sea Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are simply numerous resorts and hotels which are located along the coastline and provide a comfortable stay for the travellers on Black Sea. The beaches which are numerous provide the tourists a great way to relax and spend their time under the sun. Various kinds of water sports and adventures are also available for the tourists to take up.  The sandy beaches and the warm waters make it really an unforgettable experience for the travellers on Black Sea.

Starred luxury is available to the people on Black Sea since there are top notch hotels which are present in the regions around the coast. They provide all conveniences to the travellers and that too within walking distance of the beach.

Shopping Places for Black Sea Holidays Traveller

All cities and towns, whether along the Bulgarian coast or the Romanian Coast there are many places where one can consider shopping in big arcades and malls. Seaside shops and kiosks are also very common and the place for shopping for local goods.

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