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Bourgas Holidays

Also called as Burgas, the city of Bourgas is the second largest on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria. A great tourist centre, Bourgas is a very popular economic and cultural centre in the country and also a focus of international tourists. With great Greek history and its remains, the stupendous architecture, the superb landscaping etc, Bourgas is cited as a very favourite destination for tourists who wish to enjoy their holidays in Bourgas with great fun and frolic. The city is surrounded by the coastal lakes called as Burgas Lakes and its location at the westernmost point of the Black Sea makes it a very important Bulgarian port.

Famous Bourgas Holidays Attraction

A very well developed city, Bourgas houses some very attractive spots which tourists can visit and enjoy seeing. The TV centre building is one very popular building which looks like the Eiffel Tower with concrete legs on the roof. Other places of interest include the Burgas Regional Historical Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Museum of Nature and Science, Art Gallery, Opera House, International Folklore Festival, the City Hall, Bay of Burgas, etc. All these places which can be visited on Bourgas are a charm to the eyes.

Weather in Bourgas

With a moderate continental climate, the winters of the city of Bourgas are warmer and milder. This is due to the presence of the city on the coast of the Black Sea. Slight snowfall may also be experienced in winters. The temperature in winters is above zero degree Celsius on an average due to the shielding from the cold winds by mountains.  The winters are warm and pleasant. Not very high temperatures are experienced since the breeze which blows is cool and bring down the temperature.  The temperature of the water of the Black Sea is slightly higher than the land. Spring comes late and stays for longer in Bourgas providing a better time to stay for Bourgas holidays travellers.

Top Bourgas Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Beautiful beaches are offered on the coast of Bourgas. A very popular one is the Sunny beach which is wide and clean. Another beach is the Pomorie beach which offers sun, water, organic fruits and veggies and mud-healing. The Nessebar beach is famous for the sand dunes that are found on the coast of the Black Sea.

Staying at hotels during Bourgas holidays is made comfortable. The hotels present here include Bourgas Hotel, Mirage Hotels, Bulair Hotel, Chiplakoff Hotel, etc. All these and more hotels provide the best luxuries and conveniences to travellers who stay.

Shopping Places for Bourgas Holidays Traveller

Shopping is well provided for when travellers on Bourgas wish to shop. The Tria Shopping Centre provides for all kinds of shopping, hotels, cafes, etc where people can hang out as well as have a good time. A separate food shopping mall has also been opened for the people.

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