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Caribbean Coast Holidays

Mexico, located in the North America has a coastline which faces the Caribbean Sea and this Caribbean Coast is a very popular destination amongst tourists who come to explore the beauty of the place which is unspoilt. The sun-kissed white beaches make  Caribbean Coast an amazing experience for the people who come and they live it for a lifetime. It is the peace of the white unspoilt sands and the crystal clear, turquoise waters that attracts tourists to this place and then back again too. The amazing experiences obtained here become one of a lifetime for people who visit this place once.

Famous Caribbean Coast Holidays Attraction

The beaches on the Caribbean Coast are more than enough for any tourist on Caribbean Coast holidays  to be enchanted and spend a lovely time here. However there is a lot more to explore according to the interest of the people. There are numerous Mayan sites which can be visited in Yucatan peninsula. The archaeological zones are differentiated to be present in Kabah and Labna. The world heritage site and also one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Chichen Itza is present here which has a pyramid, a ball court and an observatory for the tourists to explore.

Weather in Caribbean Coast

The weather in Caribbean Coast is warm to sunny and the average temperature may range between 24 and 28 degree Celsius. However, the region is highly prone to stormy weather and hurricanes. This is due to the location in the Atlantic Hurricane Belt therefore strong winds and flooding seems to be common. The season of hurricane is from June to November end and this is the season when tourists do not plan  Caribbean Coast holidays  and is the off season.

Top Caribbean Coast Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are a number of beaches along the Caribbean Coast which provide a great experience for the people on  Caribbean Coast. A very popular beach on the coast is the Cancun beach where people relax and have a great time on the white beaches. Also, there are numerous other activities which can be taken up.  These include water sports like snorkelling, parasailing, jet skiing, diving, fishing, etc. Relaxing on the beach and sunbathing is the best done here.

The Caribbean Coast has numerous hotels and resorts in various regions that line the coast. These include the Bluspirit Bunglows, Chalet and Cabinas Hibiscus, Cabinas Iguana, Finca Maquengue Falls, Cashew Hill Jungle Cottages, etc.  These hotels provide a comfortable stay for tourists on  Caribbean Coast.

Shopping Places for Caribbean Coast Holidays Traveller

Many local shops are the best places to buy souvenirs for tourists on  Caribbean Coast for there holidays . Silver shops offer good deals and great designs. Also, the latest and most fashionable clothes can be easily purchased here on the shops of the Caribbean Coast.

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