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Caribbean Holidays

A superb holiday destination for people all over the world, the Caribbean is an archipelago which is present in the Atlantic Ocean and is situated between the North and South America main lands. With people from all over the world,  Caribbean has a very different fervour which catches up with everyone who has been here. There is simply a lot to explore on these islands. With so favourable weather that exists all around the year, the place is a heaven for those people who wish to celebrate their honeymoons and also for those who want to spend a backpacking vacation.

Famous Caribbean Holidays Attraction

There are many islands that make up the Caribbean.  The islands consist of the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. The main large four islands of the Greater Antilles are Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Navassa Island and Puerto Rico. The Lesser Antilles include the islands like Aruba, Anguilla, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Virgin Islands, Saint Martin, Netherlands Antilles, etc. Some other popular islands are the Bahamas which are famous as a honeymoon destination, Bermuda, Turks, etc. People who wish to have a  Caribbean holidays  can decide according to their taste the island they wish to go in. 

Weather in Caribbean

With such a wide area which comes under the Caribbean, the weather is dependant on different islands and varies with the location in the ocean and on latitudes. The general climate of the region is tropical. The winds that blow are the Trade winds which are moist. The hot weather season is very sunny and hot and this attracts travellers for a  Caribbean holidays  since they can enjoy the tropical sun. The winters are warm but not much rainfall is received.

Top Caribbean Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are many amazing and popular beaches in the Caribbean which attract people from all over the world. These are numerous since the region is big and the beaches are spread out. The beaches include the Anguilla beach on Little Bay in West Indies, Antigua in Crab Hill, Pink Sand Beach in Bahamas, Crane beach in Barbados, Placenia in Belize, The Baths in British Virgin Islands, Varadero in Cuba, Ansa la Roche in Grenada, etc.  

Spread all over the Caribbean, there are many hotels which provide superb luxury to travellers.  These include the hotels Holiday Inn, Western Aruba Resort in Aruba, Riu Paradise Island, Westin Grand Bahama in Bahamas, Turtle Beach Resort and Barbados Beach Club in Barbados, Oasis Hamaca, Oasis Canoa in Dominican Republic, etc.

Shopping Places for Caribbean Holidays Traveller

Various concentrations of amazing shopping places are present in the Caribbean. The Bay Street in Bahamas is a great place to shop for crafts. Hamilton in Bermuda is the most amazing shopping place on the island. Other places are Willemstad in Curacao, St.  Thomas in US Virgin Islands, etc. which can provide opportunities for shopping on your  Caribbean holidays .

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