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Costa De La Luz Holidays

The part of the Andalusian coast which faces the Atlantic Ocean is called the Costa de la Luz. This part of the coast extends from Tarifa in the south and continues along the Province of Cadiz coasts and also that of Province of Huelva and ends at the mouth of the Guardiana River. There is a lot of beauty associated with the Costa de la Luz which makes place a very important and popular destination amongst the tourists. French and German tourists specially flock this place every year for a great time on their  Costa de la Luz holidays .

Famous Costa de la Luz Holidays Attraction

Beaches are the main attraction here in Costa de la Luz. The sunshine in combination with the golden sands makes it a wonderful experience for travelers on  Costa de la Luz. However, along with that there are many other attractions that people may be interested in. these include natural attractions like Donana National Park, the Cadiz Bay, the shoreline which is steeply pitched around the southern coast, salt marshes of Barbate, wetlands at mouth of rivers Tinto and Odiel, etc. Other than these attractions, there are many cities which line the Costa de la Luz and can be visited for a nice time for travelers.

Weather in Costa de la Luz

The climate in Costa de la Luz is perfect for poeple to plan their  Costa de la Luz holidays . Hot summer months can mean seven hours of the sun on the coast where people can easily have a good time in the sun. The Atlantic breeze however makes it easy to bear the heat since it gives a cooling effect. Winter season is mild on the Costa de la Luz with temperature ranging around 20 C in the daytime. Night time temperatures do not go below 10C making it very pleasant for people to have a good time.

Top Costa de la Luz Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Miles and miles of beautiful beaches adorn the Costa de la Luz. People on  Costa de la Luz can have a great time here with either relaxing in the natural sun or even to enjoy great water sports and other activities. The sports beaches are Valdevaqueros in Tarifa, Los Lances in Puerto de Santa Maria, Punta Umbria etc which are highly popular with tourists. For natural and enchanting beauty, there are many beaches in Costa de la Luz which create a magical effect with their clear waters and golden sands in the sun.

Numerous hotels are present in the Costa de la Luz which makes stay of tourists on  Costa de la Luz very comfortable. These hotels include Hotel Casa Grande, La Fonde Barranco, Hotel Chancilleria, Sol Sancti Petri, Hotel Barrosa Park, Palacio Garvey Hotel, Hotel Fuerte Conil, etc.

Shopping Places for Costa de la Luz Holidays Traveller

There are various shopping arcades, malls and shops which provide for the shopping during  travel to Costa de la Luz . Leading stores are present and so are local shops selling souvenirs which can be brought home from the travel.

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