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East Dominican Republic Holidays

An island nation in the Caribbean region, the Dominican Republic is a part of the Greater Antilles archipelago. This republic extends only to the two-thirds part of the island Hispaniola whereas the remaining western part is taken up by the nation of Haiti. The East Dominican Republic is a great place for tourism since there is a lot to discover on the coast as well as the interior of the island. Conducive weather conditions and also the stress on tourism development make this part of the island attractive to numerous tourists every year who enjoy their  East Dominican Republic holidays .

Famous East Dominican Republic Holidays Attraction

In addition to the beaches of the east coast of the Dominican Republic, there are not many interesting towns which are of special importance. However, there are a couple of resorts Bavara and Punta Cana which act like mini-cities and are a great experience for the tourists on  East Dominican Republic. Bavara is a holiday coast which has some amazing beaches with splendid beaches. Also, there are other things like shopping, nightlife, water sports, restaurants, etc for the tourists. Punta Cana is another growing destination for tourists on the east coast. Large unspoiled beaches are the main specialty of this resort destination.

Weather in East Dominican Republic

The weather of the island of Dominican Republic is tropical and maritime. There is not much difference in temperatures in summers and winters. January has a mean temperature of 25 degree Celsius whereas for July,   the average mean temperature is 30 degree Celsius. The East Dominican Republic receives most of the rainfall along with the northern part which is an average of 1346mm per year. For those who wish to enjoy the tropical sun in their  East Dominican Republic, any time of the year is good. Wet season is from May to November.

Top East Dominican Republic Holidays Beaches and Hotels

On the east coast of the island, there are Bavara and Punta Cana which are resorts present for t he people to have an extremely amazing experience on this part of the island. The Costa del Coco or the Coconut Coast is a very popular beach in Bavara. Cortecito is a small fishing village which can be explored too where there are palm-fringed beaches. The Punta Cana beaches are also unspoilt and undisturbed for the tourists to enjoy their  East Dominican Republic holidays  with ease. The sand is pearly white giving a great landscaping to the whole region.

The resorts and hotels on the east coast are built keeping in mind the needs of the tourists and the comfort that they want. Starred-luxuries and comforts are made available in numerous entities that are present along the east coast of the island of Dominican Republic.

 Shopping Places for East Dominican Republic Holidays Traveller

Shopping centres are present in Bavaro for people on  East Dominican Republic to shop around. These are modern and provide all kinds of amenities and stuffs that tourists can buy through good deals.

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