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Gambia Holidays

The smallest country of Africa which however has no dearth of places of attraction, Gambia is located in Western Africa. Sharing a coast on the Atlantic Ocean, this place has long been a hidden destination for travellers to Africa. Senegal is the country that surrounds Gambia on the north, south, east and west. Banjul is the capital of the country and people coming for  Gambia find this place an exotic destination to experience and enjoy nature to the hilt.

Famous Gambia Holidays Attraction

Gambia is the place where travellers should go if they wish to get a taste of the natural landscaping of Africa as well as enjoy their fun in the sun. There are many places where one can visit on their  Gambia holidays . Banjul is the capital and one can see great architecture from pre-independence times of the country. Other cities include Bansang, Ghanatown, Kololi, Brikama, Bakau and many more.  The natural places of interest include Abuko Natural Reserve which has monkeys, crocodiles and over 300 species of birds. An excursion called Roots is also organised and so are Four Wheel Drive Adventure programs. The Kachically Crocodile Pool is a great place for someone who is interested in crocodiles. Senegal is the neighbouring country on all sides and provides for a great trip.

Weather in Gambia

The weather of Gambia is tropical like most of the continent of Africa. The hot weather season is experienced from June to November and the cooler temperatures are experienced from November to May.  The hot period is also very rainy which has lead to the flourishing of the natural landscaping in the country of Gambia. People on  Gambia should decide the best time to come according to their tolerance to rains and heat.

Top Gambia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

A very important highlight for those on Gambia holidays , the beaches provide a very nice and memorable experience for the travellers. The coastline of the county is called appropriately the ‘Smiling Coast’ since there are many amazing beaches here. The Bijilo Beach is unspoilt and is a sandy stretch which is very pleasant. Kololi and Kotu are two other wide sandy beaches which are a good place to enjoy the tropical sun. Bakau and Cape Point beach are the other beaches which make people come back again and again.

There are various luxury hotels in Gambia which provide for a great stay when on you are Gambia. The Kairaba, Ngala Lodge, Mandina Lodges, Sheraton Gambia Hotel, Coconut Residence, etc are some of the amazing places where one can stay and have a great time.

Shopping Places for Gambia Holidays Traveller

Gambia is a place to a shop wherever you go. There are shops for souvenirs, local crafts, batik, paintings, etc where ever you g o in the country. Whether it is the coast or a sideline, it is probable that people on  Gambia would find great options to buy there.

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