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Gozo Holidays

Gozo is an island which is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is a part of the country Malta. The island forms an archipelago with Malta and is comparatively more rural and undiscovered than its neighbouring islands. This beauty makes the island of Gozo very special since it still has the unspoilt beauty of nature. The island is also nicknamed at Isle of Calypso due to its control in the hands of the nymph Calypso in the mythological poem of Homer which is called the Odyssey. This beauty of the island makes it a great place to discover when you are on Gozo holidays .

Famous Gozo Holidays Attraction

There is only one main city in Gozo which is called Victoria or Rabat. There are many small villages on the island however which are very picturesque. Xaghra has the Ggantija temples whereas Qala has many interesting places like Hondoq Bay, a fortress etc. Ramla Bay is located in Nadur and also an impressive large church is present in Xewkija. Some other spots to visit in Gozo are the Cathedral Church of Gozo, Aurora Theatre, Santwarju tal-Madonna ta’Pinu, St. George’s Basilica and Parish, Astra Theatre, Inland Sea which is a small lake connected to sea, Fungus Rock, Azure Window, Fontana Springs, Gozo FA, etc.

Weather in Gozo

Gozo is located in the Mediterranean Sea and therefore experiences typical Mediterranean climate which has hot and dry summers and cool and wet winters. The rainfall however is only for a short duration and amounts to an average of 583 mm annually. July to September is the hottest period for the island but it is this sunshine itself which make the tourists come back every year for their  Gozo holidays .

Top Gozo Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Many of the most beautiful beaches from all of Europe are present in Gozo and thereby are the main attraction for tourists who come on  Gozo. The Ramla Sand is one of the most popular ones in Gozo and also one of the top five in the Mediterranean region. The Calypso beach, the Qbajjar beach, Salt Pans, Xlendi beach is other popular beaches of Gozo. There are other spots of diving too like the Inland Sea which is a lake connected to the sea through a tunnel. Also, the Blue Hole is a blue body of water which is great place for a dive and a swim.

For a comfortable stay during  Gozo holidays , there are many hotels to enjoy luxuries. Some of these are Kempinski San Lawrenz Resort and Spa, Calypso Hotel, Downtown Hotel, Grand Hotel, San Andrea Hotel, Cornucopia Hotel, Beachview Hotel, Saint Patrick’s Hotel, etc.

Shopping Places for Gozo Holidays Traveller

When shopping in Gozo for local foodstuffs, then the best place is the local groceries. Victoria’s main square has many shops and mini-markets which are great to shop around for clothes, local crafts, etc. Xlendi also has great shops and markets for shopping .

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