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Halkidiki Holidays

A prefecture of Greece, Halkidiki or more commonly called as Chalkidiki is located in the south-eastern part of Central Macedonia. Halkidiki makes a peninsula in the North West Aegean Sea which represents three fingers of land in the sea. These legs or fingers are referred as Pallene, Sithonia and Agion Oros. Halkidiki has a great history since this was the place where early Greeks came and settled. People who come on  Halkidiki are simply awed by the numerous sites of olden times that are present here. In addition, there are also many beaches and resorts where people come and relax.

Famous Halkidiki Holidays Attraction

There are many ancient sites in Halkidiki which provide for the interest of the travellers to this place. Some of these sites are Acanthus, Acrothoi, Aege, Galepsus, Mende, Neapolis, Scione, Thyssus, Torone, etc. Also worth visiting are the Kassandra peninsula, the Sithonia Peninsula, Mount Athos Peninsula and also Northern Halkidiki which has numerous traditional mountain villages, the cave of Petralona having stalactites and stalagmites. The archaeological Museum of Polygyros and also the ancient Stageira excavations where Aristotelis was born are present here.

Weather in Halkidiki

Halkidiki experiences very mild weather which is just perfect for the people on  Halkidiki holidays . There is limited rainfall and sunshine and it is pleasant to spend time in this place. The summers are known all over the world and there are more than 300 days of sunshine in this place. Lowest temperatures in Halkidiki are recorded in months from December to February and lie between 3.5 and 9 degree Celsius. The time of summer months have the highest temperatures which range between 23 and 34 degree Celsius.

Top Halkidiki Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Some of the best beaches in Greece are present in Halkidiki. The three finger-like projections have some amazing beaches which people on  Halkidiki holidays  are just awed by. These beaches include Afitos beach, Agios Georgios Beach, Ierissos beach, Kalithea beach, Sani Beach, Porto Karras Beach, Siviri Beach, etc. Most of these beaches are organised and pretty suitable for the purpose of relaxing and also swimming.

Some very good options of staying in Halkidiki are avialble for travellers on  Halkidiki. Some of them are the Country Inn Hotel, Nostos Hotel, Stamos Hotel, Hotel Ammos, Hilltop Hotel, Naias Beach Hotel, Hotel Hanioti Village, Aegean Melathron Hotel, Hanioti Palace etc. These provide great living conditions and also the best convenience facilities to the travellers.

Shopping Places for Halkidiki Holidays Traveller

If you wish to shop for big brands and designer stuff, then the place for it is Thessaloniki where people are high on these commodities. Also, in Halkidiki there is a pedestrian-only centre in Kalithea on Kassandra where people can find boutiques, souvenir shops etc. The souvenirs can be anything like wines, spirits, gold and silver jewellery and religious icons which are made and are popular locally.

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