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Kos Holidays

Kos or Cos is a Greek island of the Dodecanese group. It is located just 4 km off the coast of Bodrum in Turkey. The island is a small one and measures just 40km by 8km. the island is divided into three municipalities out of which Kos is the largest. The other two are Dikaio and Irakleides. The island is home to a great history and it also used to hold a very important position in the seas as a port with a strategic location. The remnants of the same attract a lot of travellers from all over the world and plan their  Kos holidays .

Famous Kos Holidays Attraction

Due to the rich history of Kos, there are simply numerous places relating to history which have to be visited during the  Kos. The Plane Tree of Hippocrates is considered to be the oldest in Europe and stands just outside the Kos Castle which is another place which cannot be missed. The ancient ruins of Asklepion which was a medical college founded by Hippocrates can also be seen. A 3rd century Odeum built by Romans is also present and provides a great sight for the people.  There were many ancient statues that were found in the excavation of this amphitheatre and all such artefacts are present in the Kos Museum.

Weather in Kos

Hot and dry summer and mild winter best describe the weather of Kos. The summer season extends from April to September with the highest temperatures in July and August. The average maximum temperature is around 28 degree Celsius. Summers are more or less dry. Rainy season is experienced between October and March with the temperature dipping to a mild climate by a few degrees.

Top Kos Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The beaches of Kos are very busy since all tourists on  Kos holidays  tend to relax and have a great time on the beaches. All kinds of activities and water sports are available on these beaches. The beaches on the south easy front include the Psalidi beach, Agios Fokas neach and also the Therma Loutra which is famous for the grotto of hot bubbling spring water along the shoreline. The north coast has popular beaches like Tingaki and Marmari beach.

The top-rated hotels of Kos which provide comfortable stay at the island during  Kos holidays  and also all luxuries and conveniences are many. These include the Alice Springs Hotel, Michalis Studios and Apartments, Bahamas, Horizon beach, Atlantica Beach, Americana Hotel, Hotel Palladium, Hotel Iris, etc.

Shopping Places for Kos Holidays Traveller

Places for shopping will be found in plenty during the  Kos. Supermarkets are a good place a start for anything that is required during the stay. Market Place is another place where you can shop for anything you need and also souvenirs to take home. Silver jewellery is one of the popular things people take home from their  Kos holidays .

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