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Lanzarote Holidays

Out of the Canary Island, Lanzarote is the eastern most of them and is located off the coast of Africa at a distance of about 125 km. Lanzarote is the fourth largest island of the Canary Islands. This Spanish island has its main trade as tourism which thrives here due to the amazing landscaping, great beaches and an amazing time spent by the tourists who come for  Lanzarote for there great holidays . The landscaping of the island is simply dramatic with beaches, desert area and rocky areas and mountains which provides for a great expedition by the travellers.

Famous Lanzarote Holidays Attraction

The volcanic landscape of Timanfaya National Park is unchanged from centuries and is a highlight for people visiting this island. It consists of a mountain range called Montanas del Fuego and also Timanfaya National Park Visitor’s Centre. Jameos del Agua which consists of collapsed structures of volcanic formations are also highly visited by travellers on  Lanzarote. The Green’s Cave or Cueva de los Verdes, Mirador del Rio, Fundacion Cesar Manrique which is a superb house built inside 5 volcanic bubbles, Agricola museum, Whales and Dolphin Museum etc are also the other places which are high on  the list of tourists.

Weather in Lanzarote

The island Lanzarote experiences a mild and subtropical climate. The weather is relatively stable throughout the year. Summer months extend from June to September wherein the maximum temperatures can be around 32 degree Celsius. Winters may have temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 degree Celsius and the minimum in winters is around 14 degree Celsius on an average. It is because Lanzarote lies in the way of North Atlantic Trade Winds that the daytime temperatures are brought down and the island does not resemble the Sahara desert.

Top Lanzarote Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are numerous beaches all over Lanzarote which make the  Lanzarote simply an unforgettable experience for beach lovers. The factors like accessibility have to be ignored if you wish to experience the best beaches of Lanzarote. The largest beach in Lanzarote is Playa Granda and the smallest is Playa Chic and very secluded too. Ios Pocillos, Playa Dorada, Playa Blanca, Playa Flamingo, Playa Bastian etc are the other numerous beaches popular with tourists on  Lanzarote.

The hotels in different areas of Lanzarote provide travellers with a convenient and luxurious stay on the island. The Iberostar Costa Calero Hotel in Puerto Calero, La Penita Apartments in Puerto Del Carmen, Los Jameos Playa in Playa De Los Pocillos, Princesa Yaiza Suite Resort Hotel in Playa Blanca, Las Costas in Playa De Los Pocillos are some of the hotels which provide ultimate luxury and great views.

Shopping Places for Lanzarote Holidays Traveller

Shopping is well provided for during your  Lanzarote. Modern shopping centres are present there to provide you with any kind of goods that you need. Clothes are cheaper than UK. Cigarettes, alcohol and luxury goods can be obtained for cheap prices since the island is tax-free.

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