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Lesbos Holidays

Lesbos is a very beautiful island with wonderful beaches, picturesque villages and interesting architectures. It is the largest island of the North-Eastern Aegean. Lesbos is famous for being the birthplace of the female poet Sappho and for its excellent ouzo.  Lesbos offers ideal swimming and sunbathing for families and couples. One can find an exceptionally sunny climate and calm, shallow, crystal-clear water at many holiday resorts in Lesbos.

Lesbos Holidays Attraction 

Lesbos offers a good opportunity to explore unspoilt traditional villages and beautiful green farmland. It is a popular island ideal for bird watchers and naturalists. Bird watching in Lesbos is particularly spectacular in spring when Lesbos is carpeted in wild flowers. Other impressive activities that one can take part in Lesbos are horse riding, walking, cycling and various water sports such as pedalos, canoeing, windsurfing, water skiing and land-based sports such as beach volleyball. Boat trips to deserted beaches are another highlighted attraction of the Lesbos holiday. The island is a religious centre too, with a couple of large monasteries.

Weather In Lesbos

Lesbos enjoys Mediterranean climate, hot dry summers and mild winters. This island is known as one of the sunniest places in Greece. During spring season, the sun shines all through the summer months and that makes the island an ideal spot for a relaxing beach holiday. Lesbos enjoys mild winters with plenty of rainfall. December is the wettest month and receives around 150mm that contributes to the islands' lush vegetation.

Top Lesbos Holidays Beaches And Hotels

Lesbos has many beautiful beaches and you can easily find one that would perfectly suite your taste. Most of them are quiet tranquil beaches and if someone wants more, then there are beaches available with amenities such as sun beds, umbrellas, cafes, bars, and hotels. You will surely be mesmerised by the crystal clear sea water and the clear blue skies of  Lesbos. Agios Isidoros, Agios Stefanos, Anaxos, Eftalou, Kagia, Kampos, Molyvos Mytilene are some of the famous beaches of Lesbos.

There are several hotels of every class and size on the island of Lesbos. Sea Horse Hotel, Sunrise Hotel Hotels in Lesvos, Olive Press in Molyvos, Hotel Olive Press, Aegean View, the Princess Hotel and0020Blue Sea Hotel are some of the top Lesbos hotels situated in different locations such as Anaxos, Molyvos, Petra, Skala Eressou and Skala Kalloni.

Shopping Places For Lesbos Holidays Travellers

The best place for shopping in  Lesbos is at the gifts shops lining the beaches. Here you ca buy all your holiday souvenirs including tasteful ceramics, embroidered linens, leather goods and soaps made from olive oil. Mytilini is said to be one among the best markets in Greece. In Lesbos you can buy everything from contemporary high street clothing to local souvenirs, such as good wine and ouzo to traditional sweets like baklava and kantaifi. So, if you are interested in Greek traditional items, this is probably one of the best places to purchase some.

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