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Madeira Holidays

Located on the African plate and situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, Madeira is a Portuguese Archipelago which has two populated islands which are the Madeira Island and Porto Santo. Madeira is known all over the world as the Garden Island and also the Islands of Eternal Spring since the climate of the place is conducive for travel for the whole year. The island has a combination of nature, history, culture and life which attract travellers from all over the world to come and enjoy  Madeira holidays . Also for those travellers who love activities and wish to take up adventure, Madeira is the one of the best places to come to.

Famous Madeira Holidays Attraction

The capital of Madeira is Funchal and it is the largest city of the island. Also, there is a great variety of experiences which are available here. Santa Cruz, Porto Santo, Santana, Machico, etc are other cities. Levadas which is an impressive system of aqueducts, Cabo Girao which is the world’s highest ocean cliff, Jardim Botanico, Jardim Orquidea, Miradouro, etc are some other spots which are must visits for poeple who are on  Madeira. Eastern part of Madeira has a volcanic terrain and is great to explore and have adventure activities.

Weather in Madeira

The climate of Madeira is oceanic subtropical and is very pleasant all through the year. This is attributed to its geographical position and also its mountainous landscape. The mean annual temperature of the island is seldom over 20 degree Celsius. The temperature of the sea water in summers is not more than 26 degree Celsius whereas that in winters is around 17 degree Celsius. The air is mildly humid which makes the stay of travellers on  Madeira very pleasant no matter what time of the year they come.

Top Madeira Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There is a lot of variety of landscaping and geography on the island of Madeira. Rather than numerous sandy beaches being present here, the island is proud of its volcanic origin which imparts to it various high and steep rocky cliffs. The world’s highest rocky cliff in the world is present in Madeira. On the island Porto Santo however, there are various sandy beaches which provide travellers with a relaxed time on their  Madeira holidays .

For a comfortable stay on Madeira,  there are many luxury hotels which are present on the island. These include the Albergaria Dias in Funchal, Quinta de Bela Vista in Funchal, The Cliff Bay, Quinta da Casa Branca, Riu Palace Madiera, Porto Mare Hotel, etc.

Shopping Places for Madeira Holidays Traveller

On the island of Madeira, there are various places where travellers have a great time shopping. The Pingo Doce supermarket is one such place where everything you are looking for is available. Souvenirs are also available at various shops and supermarkets where they can be bought in good deals.

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