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Malia Holidays

A small town and municipality located in Greece, on the island of Crete Malia is the capital of the island. This prefecture includes many villages under it which are highly popular tourist destination for people since the night life is amazing here and also mainly because the place is archaeologically very rich. The ruins that are present here make it really an attractive place for tourists on  Malia. The history of Malia dates back to the middle Bronze Age and since then there has been many civilizations which flourished here. A lot from those ages is still present with evidence thereby making the place very attractive.

Famous Malia Holidays Attraction

The main attraction of Malia is the palace which belongs to the middle Bronze Age. The palace was destroyed in an earthquake but the remains of it still continue to intrigue people on  Malia. Rebuilding of the palace was taken up in the late Bronze Age.  The discovery and excavation of the palace happened in 1915 and is continuing till date. Also, an old Minoan town also surrounded the palace which is being presently excavated. These attractions of under-discovery relics of the past make the town of Malia a very intriguing place for tourists who come to Greece.
Weather in Malia

The climate of Malia is typically Mediterranean. The summers are hot and dry whereas the winters are pleasant to mildly chilly. Rains may be experienced between October and April. From April to late May is the first season for tourists to drop in for  Malia holidays . Also, later in September and after that the season is relaxed and quiet providing a chance to those who wish to have a peaceful time in Malia.

Top Malia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The beaches of Malia are very energetic and high on energy. There are many kinds of water sports that can be taken up here. The Dolphin Beach and Agapi beaches are the best place for such activities. The long stretches of golden sands, crystal clear waters and great winds allow activities like Volley Ball, Football etc on the beach, banana boats and jet-ski rise in the waters, etc. quad bikes, motor scooters etc can also be taken up here for more enjoyment.

Various top rates luxury hotels are present in Malia which provide for a great stay for the tourists on  Malia. These hotels include the Ikaros Village, Cretan Malia Park, Hotel Ilios Malia, Diasselo, Kalypso Hotel Bungalows, Malia Beach Hotel, etc.

Shopping Places for Malia Holidays Traveller

For shopping there are many options for tourists on  Malia holidays . There are many shops and kiosks which are present along the coast that provides a great chance to shop for anything under the sun. It may be shoes, clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts, delicious local cheeses, wine, etc.

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