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Mediterranean Holidays

The Mediterranean Coast Turkey lies to the south of the country turkey and this region is one of the seven geographical regions of the country. The entire southern coast of Turkey is called as the Mediterranean Coast. The region and coast is divided into numerous provinces which has some great destinations for tourists and thereby counts to be one of the most popular tourist destinations for people from across UK and Europe.  Mediterranean Coast Turkey Holidays  is a great place for tourists looking for beautiful beaches, a great weather, a place laden with history it is truly a tremendous experience for travellers.

Famous Mediterranean Coast Turkey Holidays Attraction

The provinces of the Mediterranean region of Turkey are a great attraction for people who come to visit this beautiful land. The Adana Province and the Antalya Province are beautiful gems which have many beautiful coasts along the Turquoise Riviera and also clear waters which are wonderful to swim in. Also, there are other provinces like Burdur Province, Hatay Province, Kahrananmaras Province, etc. For those travellers who wish to enjoy the scenic landscaping of pine-dotted mountains along the coast and also the rich history of the land during the  Mediterranean Coast Turkey Holidays , the Mersin Province is a great place to be visited.

Weather in Mediterranean Coast Turkey

Since the region is the shore along the Mediterranean Sea, the climate of the place is also typically Mediterranean in nature. The weather is warm and slightly humid in winters whereas in summers, the weather is dry and hot. The normal average temperature can go as high as 24 C whereas in summers it goes up to the later thirties making it really hot as a tropical region to be in and enjoy the sunshine.
Top Mediterranean Coast Turkey Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Numerous beaches along the Turkish Mediterranean coast are present and very beautiful which make the experience of  Mediterranean Coast Turkey Holidays  a very memorable one.  The beaches include the Patara Beach which has been rated as the best beach in the region. The Olu Deniz Beach near Fethiye is another very popular option for tourists to visit. The Gemile Bay Beach, Turtle Beach, Calis Beach, Kaputas Beach, Ladies Beach and Kustur Beach in Kusadasi etc are the other beaches which make the experience simply unforgettable.

Along the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey, there are various resorts and hotels which make for a great stay for tourists on their  Mediterranean Coast Turkey Holidays  a great experience.  These hotels include Ankh Pansiyon, Aquapark Hotel, Arikandos Hotel, Asur Hotel, Bayrams, Beach House Hotel, Beyaz Gul, Bora Hotel, etc.

Shopping Places for Mediterranean Coast Turkey Holidays Traveller

The shopping streets of Mediterranean Coast is full of things for the tourists to buy and take home as souvenirs. There are jewellery arcades, clothes shops, flea markets, upmarket brands and clothes, etc. Souvenirs are available all over the place for tourists to bring back home from their amazing  Mediterranean Coast Turkey Holidays .

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