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Menorca Holidays

Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands that are present in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is the second largest of all and is the least affected of all by tourism and is also the most peaceful for tourists to spend a great  Menorca. The island even in spite of its small size has numerous beautiful beaches which tourists can explore for endless times. Also, the island is said to have a great historical background since many cultures flourished here. The island also has the second largest natural deep water port in the world which makes it even more worthwhile to visit.

Famous Menorca Holidays Attraction

The beaches are happening enough for the tourists on  Menorca holidays  to have a great and splendid time on the island. However, there are many other posts and places which can be visited by travellers. Monte Toro is the highest point on the island and gives amazing view of the island. The 18th century distillery Xoriguer Gin Distillery which makes Minorcan gin is also a place to visit and enjoy the aroma and taste of the gin. The Museu de Minorca is another place where one can see remains of the history of 15th century of the island. A 19th century Spanish fortress called the La Mola fortress is another place which is a must visit.

Weather in Menorca

The weather in Menorca can be said to have warm temperatures with the average annual temperature between 15 and 17 degree Celsius. Average temperature for summer ranges between 23 and 26 degree Celsius whereas for winters, the average temperature ranges between 11 and 13 degree Celsius. The place is also affected greatly by a wind arising from mountains in Mallorca by the name Tramontana thereby the winds too have the same name. Summers are dry with very less rainfall. To plan  Menorca holidays  for its beaches as well as historical sites, summers and spring are the best times and for those wanting to enjoy just the cultural sites, winters and autumn can be the perfect time.

Top Menorca Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Menorca, even though a small island, has beaches more than that of Mallorca and Ibiza together. Numerous expanses of sand are present on the island and you can have great relaxed time on  Menorca. Punta Prima is a large beach on the island with white sand. Other beaches on the island include Binibequer, Cales Coves, Cala en Porter, Son Bou-San Jaime, Santo Thomas, Cala Mitjana, Cala Galdana, Cala Turqueta etc.

Amongst the hotels, Royal Son Bou, Hotel Apartmentos Princesa Playa, Port Ciutadella, Hotel Sant Ignasi, Villas Mar Blau, Galdana Gardens Apartments etc are  the top notch names on the island Menorca.

Shopping Places for Menorca Holidays Traveller

Supermarkets in Menorca provide for the shopping experience on the island. Clothes, leather goods, china ware, etc are some items travellers can buy on  Menorca. Also, the local gin is a good gift to take home.

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