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Morocco Holidays

Morocco is a small country which is located in North America. The country has Mauritania, Algeria, Ceuta and Melilla as its neighbours. Also, the country has a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Morocco is largely a Muslim country and has a very rich culture and history. Morocco is a mix of culture, history, ethnicity, architecture and a lot of tourism which can help people on  Morocco explores this great land. Morocco is a land which is waiting to be discovered with the variety that it holds for tourists to discover when they are in this ethnic place.

Famous Morocco Holidays Attraction

There are numerous cities in Morocco which have a lot to be discovered.  The capital Rabat is a great place to begin the  Morocco with. This relaxed city has some landmarks which are very interesting. Casablanca is another popular tourist destination since there is the historical Medina and also contemporary mosque which is only the second largest in the world. The oldest and medieval city of Fez, Meknes, Tangier, Tetouan, Agadir, Amizmiz, Chefchaouen, Essaouira, Tinerhir, etc are some other cities which offer ancient sites, laid-back lifestyles and beautiful landscaping to the tourists on vacation in this beautiful land.

Weather in Morocco

Since the country of Morocco shares a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, the climate on the coastal region is typically Mediterranean. The summers are warm and dry and the winters are pleasant to mild with rainfall. However, on moving further towards the interior, the climate becomes extreme towards the mountainous region of the country. The coastal regions are rich and fertile and provide for agriculture in the country. Due to the pleasant climate of this country, tourists can plan their  Morocco holidays and visit the place comfortably.

Top Morocco Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are many top quality beaches present in Morocco which provide for great relaxation and enjoyment while on holiday Morocco. Around 120 beaches are present along the coasts from Saidia to Tangiers and around 238 from Tangiers to Essaouira. The beaches include Tangiers Town beach, Grottes d’Hercules, Dakhla, Plage Quemada, Al Hoceima, Asfiha, El Jadida, Lalla Fatima, Larache, etc. All these beaches are very clean and offer picturesque landscaping and a great time on the coast.

Top-rated hotels are present in the main regions of all cities of the country Morocco. Top hotels in the country include the La Mamounia in Marrakesh, The Palais Jamai in Fes, Royal Mansour in Casablanca, El Minzah in Tangier, Medina Salam in Agadir, The Inan Palace in Fes, etc. All these hotels provide starred luxury and all conveniences to the tourists on holiday Morocco.

Shopping Places for Morocco Holidays Traveller

The numerous souks in morocco are the best place to shop for almost anything you want to buy during holiday Morocco. Also carpet shops are present almost everywhere and they make available great deals.

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