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North Cyprus Holidays

North Cyprus is a self-proclaimed republic which is recognized only by Turkey. It was after the invasion by Turkey to annex the whole island of Cyprus which lies in the Mediterranean Sea. Only the northern part could be annexed and is now the Turkish part of the island of Cyprus. A very beautiful tourist destination, North Cyprus has the perfect weather which attracts people from all over the world. Cyprus is a very popular tourist destination for people since there is a lot to explore here.  North Cyprus makes it really a great experience for tourists looking for history, culture, beaches and great food.

Famous North Cyprus Holidays Attraction

The main cities which are visited by tourists on  North Cyprus include Nicosia which is the shared capital between the two republics. Also, Famagusta is another city which is highly frequented by travellers. Kyrenia, Morphou and Trikomo etc are other cities which may be visited. The Buffavento Castle, the Bellapais which has an ancient monastery with great ruins and Gothic arches and high stone walls and also the St. Hilarion Castle which is a complex are also other great places that can be visited.

Weather in North Cyprus

Mediterranean climate exists in North Cyprus which makes the summers hot and dry and winters cold and rainy. Most rainfall and refilling of rivers happen in the winter season between December and February. Some parts on mountains may also experience snow. Summers however are hot and dry. The Sirocco wind from Africa is very dusty and dry and affects the island. Also, there is a variation in weather pattern depending on geographical location on the island itself.

Top North Cyprus Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Fumagusta and Kyrenia have some beautiful beaches for travellers on  North Cyprus. These include the Diana Beach, Acapulco beach, Lara Beach, Alagadi Turtle Beach, Sunset Beach, Deniz Kizi, Mare Monte, Alsancak Beach, Guzelyali beach, Incirli Plaji, Camelot Beach, etc. All these beaches provide for pleasant time of relaxation and also for water sports which can be enjoyed by the tourists.

There are many hotels present in North Cyprus which provide for a great stay to tourists on  North Cyprus Holidays. These include the Acapulco Hotel, Mercure Hotel, Kaya Artemis, Merit Crystal Cove, Malpas Hotel, Dome Hotel, Colony Hotel, Pia Bella Hotel, the Savoy Hotel, etc. All these hotels provide starred-luxury to the travellers and make it a very pleasant experience to stay while in North Cyprus.

Shopping Places for Cyprus Holidays Traveller

North Cyprus is no mecca for shopping lovers. However, there are many markets present in the major cities like Nicosia, Kyrenia, Fumagusta, etc. The Bazaars too which are set up like flea markets provide great deals to the tourists on  North Cyprus. Items like clothes, shoes, souvenirs, household implements, handicrafts, etc are available through great deals.

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