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Parga Holidays

Located on the western coast of Greece, the small town of Parga is located between the Igoumenitsa and Preveza. The region is called Epirus and is really picking up fast on tourism. Even for the Greece, this place is hip and happening which makes really a sought-after place when it comes to spending a vacation here. People who come for  Parga for there holidays  have a delightful time in this land since it is such a beautiful place to have a vacation in.

Famous Parga Holidays Attraction

The town of Parga is a very small one and there are limited attractions when one starts to count it. The Nekromanteion Oracle of Ephyra is the main attraction in the town. It is a historic site and presently slightly in ruins. A walk from this place will lead to the Castle of Ali Pasha.  A walk around the castle will bring to tourists on  Parga a very pleasant experience which they can cherish. Preveza and Igoumenitsa and also Corfu are the nearby villages which can be easily visited for a nice experience.

Weather in Parga

The town of Parga has a typical Mediterranean climate and it is mainly a summer destination that people come to enjoy their  Parga holidays . Very less rainfall is seen in summers and perfect beach weather exists in that time. From the summer time of June to September, the average temperature is around 24-25 degree Celsius. July and August are the peak months with pleasant breeze blowing and act as very welcoming to the beach hoppers. Annual rainfall is around 1200 mm.

Top Parga Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Along the coast of Parga, there are some amazing beaches, bays and islands that are present which are beautiful and magnificent for the people to come and have a great time here. The Parga beach is located at the centre and is a sandy and popular beach. A beach suited to swimming is the Valtos beach which is located close to the town. There are other beaches too which include Agios Ionnis, Lichnos, Piso Krioneri, Agios Sostis, Sarakino, and Krioneri, etc.

To have complete enjoyment in Parga, check into a good place to spend your time there. There are many amazing hotels for you to prop your stay.  These include the Rezi Hotel Dracos Apartotel, Valtos beach and Gogozotos Residence, Alexis House Studios, Bella Vista Hotel and Apartments, Byzantion Apartments, etc.

Shopping Places for Parga Holidays Traveller

There are various shops big and small where you can buy the local products which are the place specialises in and also good leading brands and equipments. The local products that are available include virgin olive oil which is an old product of the place. Also, the other products include soap made from natural products, herbs like mint, oregano, spices, etc. Fish products, wood carvings, cherry liqueurs, etc are also available that one can shop for on  Parga and bring them back home for friends and family.

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