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Pefkos Holidays

Pefkos is a worth and attractive village and resort that will win your heat with its lively manmade and natural resources. It is a perfect holiday resort for those who are willing to explore at the golden sandy beach of any resort. It was once a fishing village and now it is a popular tourist destination that is sandwiched by Lindos and Lardos on the coast of Rhodes. As a resort, Pefkos offers the world class facilities for you that make your holidays more and more happy and charming.

Famous Pefkos Holidays Attraction

Pefkos has numerous attractions for its visitors that make visitors journey more and more convenient. The relaxing atmosphere of Pefkos, Blending sun baked soft and golden sandy beaches and endless vegetation are the major attractions for those who come in search of natural beauty. The EU’s Blue awarded beaches are also famous for visitors that will offer you different experience. Don’t miss enjoying the water sports that are just put forward for you!

Weather in Pefkos

Weather plays a significant role in your enjoying superb holidays. The weather of Pefkos is really good. If you want to go to Pefkos, the most suitable weather is summer season that starts from April and ends in October. However, you are free to visit the resort any other time also!

Top Pefkos Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The Blue prize awarded Pefkos’s beaches are rocking the world of tourism! You will appreciate the silence at its golden and sandy beaches. Don’t miss lying at its sandy and wet beach that offers great comfort for you. There are also lots of worth hotels available for you and the most popular hotels in the area include Pefkos Beach Hotel, Cosmos Maris, Pefki Islands Resort, Lindia Thalassa Resort, Stella Hotel and many more.

Shopping Places for Pefkos Holidays Travelers

Shopping adds more charm in your holiday tours! If you want to buy local items, the resort of Pefkos is suitable for you but if you are willing to buy something extra, you need to visit Pefkos’s neighbor resorts including Lindos and Lardos! Thus, enjoy shopping here!

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