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Puerto Vallarta Holidays

A Mexican city, Puerto Vallarta is a resort city which is very popular with tourists coming in from all over the world. The city is located on the Bahia de Banderas on the Pacific Ocean. A very popular destination among the locals too, Puerto Vallarta is also a common place for retired US and Canadian retirees to settle down or at least come down for a  Puerto Vallarta holidays . There are many facilities which are provided to tourists who come for holiday in the city and have a great time exploring the areas in and around Puerto Vallarta.

Famous Puerto Vallarta Holidays Attraction

There are beautiful scenes and vicinities wherever you go in Puerto Vallarta. The cobblestone streets, the amazing marine life, the beautiful mountains, etc all make a great impression on the tourists and their  Puerto Vallarta holidays  is a great success. One of the largest and deepest in the world, the Banderas Bay is one place which cannot be missed. The numerous sandy beaches are also a place to rejoice and relax in the sun. The Sierra Madre Mountains to the east are also a great sight to see and also visit. Exploring the marine life of the Banderas Bay is something which is actually a splendid experience.

Weather in Puerto Vallarta

With a typical tropical climate, Puerto Vallarta experiences a constant temperature all the year round. However, the humidity is high and there is wet and dry seasonal variation. Average temperature is 30 degree Celsius and the average humidity is 75%. From mid-June to mid-October is the rainy season which has the most rains falling in the months of July and September. February, March and April are drier months with very less of rainfall.

Top Puerto Vallarta Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are many golden sandy beaches which make it a great time and experience for the tourists who come Puerto Vallarta. Beach beds, water sports, scuba diving, etc are also present for the people to enjoy and have a good time. These beaches are the main attraction on the Banderas Bay for the tourists and provide a very splendid time spent here.

Numerous hotels which provide high standards of luxury and convenience are present for the convenience of tourists on  Puerto Vallarta. These hotels include the Playa Fiesta Hotel, Villa Premiere Hotel, Vallarta Shores International Hotel, Casa Velas Boutique Hotel, Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa, Hotel Mercurio, etc.

Shopping Places for Puerto Vallarta Holidays Traveller

Since the city of Puerto Vallarta is mainly a tourist city, there are many markets for the tourists on  Puerto Vallarta to enjoy their experience. The markets offer local crafts, arts and products and also upmarket and leading brands depending upon the taste of the tourists.

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