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Qatar Holidays

If you want to visit any gulf country, Qatar is the right choice for you where you can plan a rocking holidays in Qatar. Though it's a small country, it has numerous natural resources that win heart of visitors utmost. The nation is worldwide famous for its huge gas resources that contribute in the progress of the nation very much. It is also known as "Olympic Paradise" where you will enjoy Olympic atmosphere. The nation attracts the visitors for its big buildings that touch the sky. It is really a perfect place to visit, if you want to see innovative development due to technological advancement.

Famous Qatar Holidays Attractions

Qatar has plenty of attractive places for you where you can spend a few days. It is known for the inhabitant settlements from last many years. Pearl trading is the landmark of the nation that has gained immense popularity. In fact, there are numerous historical places, forts and castles for worth visiting. Al-Shahaniya is the famous dessert where you can watch camels running in a stadium. The Al-Zubura museum is another attractive point where you can have an enjoyable sight of the city from the top of the fort. The Grand Mosque with its numerous domes and the Abu Bakir al-Siddiq Mosque are mainly attractive visiting destinations.

Weather in Qatar

Qatar receives a big amount of sun rays throughout the year. The temperature usually ranges between 30 degree Celsius and 50 degree Celsius during summer season. The perfect time to visit Qatar starts from October to March because during this time, the sun won't create any hassle to enjoy a pleasing tour at Qatar. During summer season, the heat is noticeably too much to tolerate!

Top Qatar Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Qatar is well known for its luxurious hotels where you can find everything. Some of famous hotels include Sharq Village resort and spa, Movenpick hotel, Four seasons hotel, Doha intercontinental and even Ritz Carlton hotel. There are several fine beaches at Umm Bab Dukhan and Salwah near to Saudi border on the western coast. You can also enjoy public entertainment and live entertainment as several global artists are always ready to perform in Qatar.

Shopping Places For Qatar Holidays Travelers

Qatar will let you enjoy shopping in such a way you like! There are numerous places in Qatar where you can go to satisfy your thirst of shopping.Qatar shopping places include Arabic centers and several spectacular malls. Moreover, you can also visit the state-of-the-art malls, food courts as well as entertainment areas. When you are going to have a shopping experience in Qatar, you are request not to shy for bargaining. It will help you buy a lot of things at lowest price as the shopkeepers cut the prices of what was quoted before! Thus, enjoy wonderful shopping in Qatar

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