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Red Sea Egypt Holidays

The Red Sea coast of Egypt is the region located along the eastern part of the country. it extends for a distance of 800 km from the Suez Canal in  the north till the border of Sudan in  the south of the country. Warm weather, great beaches, amazing resorts and beautiful marine life are the various factors that have made this region and  Red Sea Egypt a very popular destination amongst people who wish to relax and have a great time on these great tropical beaches with warm waters. The place is also very popular as a diving destination for people who belong to the UK and Europe since it provides a warm change which is adventurous from the usual dull and cold countries.

Famous Red Sea Egypt Holidays Attraction

There are various cities along the Red Sea Coast of Egypt which provide a great experience to the people who are on  Red Sea Egypt. Soma Bay is one popular region with tourists which has some beautiful beaches. Also, the other popular cities include Hurghada, El Quseir, El Guona, Marsa Alam, etc. The modern city of Hurghada is a great place for the tourists on vacation since it is an all-inclusive beach city. The Red Sea coast provides a great place for snorkeling and diving and other activities like windsurfing, parasailing, jet ski, etc.

Weather in Red Sea Egypt

Two monsoon seasons affect the climate of the Red Sea since there is differential heating which causes the phenomenon of creation of monsoon winds. The climate of the coast is however pleasant all round the year and thereby makes it a very favourable destination for those who wish to come on  Red Sea Egypt. Clouds are rare and therefore it is always pleasant for the people to come on their well deserved break on the Red Sea coast.

Top Red Sea Egypt Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are many beautiful beaches on the Red Sea coast of Egypt which make it a great place to swim, dive and undertake water sports. These beaches have clear waters and are windy giving perfect spots for travel. The beaches include Old Vic’s Beach, El Fanar Ras Umm Sid beach, Tawila Island beach, beach in Dahab, Basta Beach Hut, Marsa Alam Beach, Taba Beach, Basata Beach, etc.

Many luxury options are present for travellers on  Red Sea Egypt holidays  to stay in and have a great vacation.  These include The Grand Hotel, the Grand Resort, Siva Grand Beach, Shedwan Garden Hotel, Shedwan Golden Beach etc in Hurghada. Makadi has the hotels like the Grand Makadi, Makadi Palace, Makadi Family Star and Sharam El Sheikh has the hotels like Ghazala Gardens, Ghazala Beach, etc.

Shopping Places for County Name Holidays Traveller

For the shopping of tourists on  Red Sea Egypt, there are many options of markets and supermarkets which can be explored. These include the Abu Ashara-Al Dahar market, Manderas Market, Marina Market, El Kora Market, Sakala Market, etc.

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