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Rhodes Holidays

Rhodes is a Greek island which is located off the Turkish South-west coast by 18 km in the Aegean Sea. Out of all the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is the largest and has a special place for travellers on  Rhodes holidays  due to the combination of beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, etc that are present on the island. Another special attraction is the Colossus of Rhodes which used to stand here and was the one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was the statue of the Greek god Helios and stood 30 metres high before its destruction making it one of the tallest statues of ancient world.  The Rhodes City has been designated as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Famous Rhodes Holidays Attraction

Rhodes City is the capital and also a world heritage site. Other small villages include Lindos which is the site of ancient acropolis, Haraki which is a fishing village, Pefkos a tourist resort, Kalithea, Lardos, Afandou, Theologos which is a traditional village, etc.  There are many sites of archaeology which are present on the island. These include the Castle of Monolithos, the Acropolis of Rhodes, Temple of Apollo, ancient Ialysos, ancient Kamiros, Palace of the Grand Masters, Kahal Shalom Synagogue, ruins of the castle of Monolithos, Castle of Kritinia, St. Catherine Hospice, etc. All these sites make the  Rhodes a wonderful experience.

Weather in Rhodes

The weather of Rhodes is very mild and also there is adequate rainfall which makes the environs of the island very lush and green. The summer season begins in May and extends till November with very mildly warm temperatures. After November, the rainfall is experienced which converts the island into a flower garden by February thereby making just two seasons on the island. Around 300 days of sunshine are experienced on the island Rhodes with the sea breeze giving a cooling effect to the island making it very suitable for  Rhodes holidays travellers.

Top Rhodes Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The north, east and west side of the island of Rhodes are full of beaches where travellers on  Rhodes can relax and have a great time. eastern beaches are the most popular which include the Kalithea Beach which is a sandy cove, the Faliraki Beach with fine sand and  great nightlife, Tsambika beach, Kolimbia beaches, Stegna beach, Lindos beach which is located just beside the acropolis and picturesque Lindos village, Prasonisi, etc.

Great luxury and convenience is provided to people on  Rhodes by the hotels. These include the Pefki Islands resort, Lindos Mare Hotel, Camelot Hotel, Spot Hotel, Lambis Hotel, Pefkos beach hotel, Lindos Bay hotel, Hotel Calypso, Atlantica Imperial Resort, etc.

Shopping Places for Rhodes Holidays Traveller

Since the island is full of culture, it is obvious it will have a lot to give away on the cultural side. Reproduction of statues, friezes, tiles and vases are available in the shop by Ministry of Culture. Modern clothing and shoes are also available in old Medieval Town. Carpets are a good buy while on  Rhodes from monasteries in capital city.

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