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Santorini Holidays

Santorini is located about 200 km off the south-east coast of the main land of Greece. It is also known as Thira and is a small archipelago of volcanic islands in the Aegean Sea. It is said to be due to a massive volcanic explosion that the island lost all its earliest settlement. What remains now is a semi-circular island which has some amazing landscaping in Europe. Santorini has become a hotspot for tourism in the past decade with its marvellous scenic beauties and its natural wonders. Traditional architecture is present in its full bounty on the island which makes the island really enjoyable for those are in  Santorini.

Famous Santorini Holidays Attraction

Santorini is famous for its natural attraction places all over the island. Fira is a cliff-perched town and is simply beautiful and amazing. Oia or Ia is one of the most breathtaking places on the island since the sunsets here are considered to be the best in the world. Another equally beautiful place is the Pyrgos which is the highest point on the island and extremely beautiful. Perissa consists of great organised beaches whereas Megalochori is a traditional village with many old white Cycladic churches. The countryside is also very beautiful and worth exploring and people on  Santorini have a great time here.

Weather in Santorini

The island Santorini falls in the Cyclades group of islands and therefore has a climate similar to the other islands. The summers are dry and the winters are mild. It is from May to October that Santorini experiences the dry summer season. The sun shines for around 12 hours a day in this season. Summer months also do not have any rainfall and the peak temperature is seen in July. From November to April is the winter season in Santorini and is the wet season. Wettest months are January and February. However, people visit the island all throughout the year.

Top Santorini Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The beaches of Santorini are simply superb and unique due to the sands and pebbles that are present on them. Golden beaches are absent here due to volcanic origin of the island. There are many beaches but the most popular ones are Perisa and Kamari beaches which are present on the east coast. Other beaches present here include the beach of Mavropetra, Baxedas, Koloubo, Pigadia, Karterados and Pori, etc.

The hotels that are present in Santorini for the best possible stay of tourists during their holiday  Santorini include the Anastasis Apartments, Villa Renos, Enigma Hotel Apartments, Aris Caves, Ikies, Zorzis Hotel, etc.

Shopping Places for Santorini Holidays Traveller

Shopping in Santorini is well provided for the tourists who are on  Santorini holidays . There are many shops which sell local stuff and offer many cheap buys for handicrafts. Oia has a great variety of shops for Art deco galleries, gold shops, handmade wooden artefacts and Kamari has a seaside arena which has boutiques and ethic craft shops.

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