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South Cyprus Holidays

South Cyprus is officially the Republic of Cyprus and is the southern part of the island which is the third largest in the Mediterranean Sea and also a very popular tourist destination. Unlike the northern part of the island, South Cyprus is internationally recognized and one of the advanced economies of the European region. There is a lot of history, architecture, culture and development too which make the place a very favourite tourist destination. People take up  South Cyprus holiday  with great enthusiasm and do not get disappointed with all that the island has on offer to explore.

Famous South Cyprus Holidays Attraction

Nicosia is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus and has a lot of attractions for people to visit. Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos etc are some other cities which are highly developed and attraction for tourists on  South Cyprus holiday . Other destinations include Ayia Napa which is a party town, Protaras, Deryneia, Agia Triada, Akamas Peninsula, Troodos Mountains, Konnos Bay, south east coast of Cyprus, Paralimni, etc. Ruins and antique sites are also scattered all around the country and provide for great sightseeing. Also, a major attraction is the Hamam Omerye which is a 14th century hammam, a place to enjoy and relax and now again open for people.

Weather in South Cyprus

Temperate weather is experienced on the island of Cyprus which is present in the Mediterranean Sea. The island experiences a hot and dry summer which is followed by a cool and wet winter. However, the country experiences 11 months of brilliant sunshine out of 12 and light clothing is the best suited for such weather. Winters do not get too cold and slightly warm clothes are required to sustain oneself in the winter season. The sunshine however is very intense and those on  South Cyprus holiday  should be prepared for this.

Top South Cyprus Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Away from bustle of city life, there are many unspoilt and beautiful beaches which are on offer to be explored. The Lara Beach in the Akamas Peninula region is one of the unspoilt beaches which is amazingly beautiful and provides for great scenic beauty. Chrysochous Bay is another long beach which makes it really a relaxing experience for travellers on  South Cyprus holiday . Mansoura Beach, Relax beach at Pomos is the other beaches which make it really a good experience for travellers.

Due to extensive length and breadth of the country, there are hotels spread out all over the place. For all levels of people, there are places of accommodation in almost all cities that are present. The top notch places for staying during  South Cyprus holiday  include Holiday Inn, Four Seasons, Le Meridian, Hilton, Elias Beach hotel, etc.

Shopping Places for South Cyprus Holidays Traveller

Laces are a popular thing which you can buy. However, the handmade lace is of higher value since it is rare. Leather goods which are available at local stores are also a good souvenir to buy for home from  South Cyprus holiday .

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