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Spain Mainland Holidays

The country is located in the southwestern Europe. The Mediterranean Sea borders the mainland of Spain on the southern and eastern side. France, Andora and Bay of Biscay form the northern boundary whereas Atlantic Ocean and Portugal border Spain on the western side. Spain is a very popular as a tourist destination and this is not without a valid good reason. It is the country of the second largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites only after Italy. Spain has everything like famous attractions, a vibrant night life, developed cities, amazing beaches, a relaxed lifestyle and a world-famous cuisine. People on  Spain mainland have a great time while they are here and come back again for more fun.

Famous Spain Mainland Holidays Attraction

There are numerous cities in Spain which are very interesting to visit. The most popular ones however are Madrid, Barcelona, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Zaragoza, Seville, Valencia, etc. Other destinations include Leon, La Rioja, Peniscola, Ronda, Toledo, Salamanca, etc. The architecture which stems from the tremendous history is present here in ample amounts and can be explored. Some very famous pieces of architecture are Roman Theatre of Mérida, Alhambra palace complex, Barcelona Cathedral, The Hemispheric at the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Prado Museum, etc. The number of World Heritage Sites in Spain is 40 which make people on  Spain mainland simply awed by their beauty.

Weather in Spain Mainland

Various kinds of weather patterns exist in Spain depending upon the location and orographic conditions. The inland areas of Spain which include the capital Madrid experience a continental Mediterranean climate. From the region extending from Andalusian plains to Pyrenees, a Mediterranean climate exists which is also affected by warm winds from Sahara desert. Along the coastal strip along the Bay of Biscay, an oceanic climate exists.  

Top Spain Mainland Beaches and Hotels

There are numerous beaches on the mainland of Spain which make the  Spain mainland holidays  simply an awesome experience for travelers. The golden sands, the vibrant climate and people who are so friendly, all together make it a great experience for tourists. They can relax here, go to nudist beaches, and have fun with water sports, etc to have a great time in Spain.

Since the country Spain is very well developed, all the luxuries and conveniences are made available in hotels which are present all over the country. The major cities, small destinations and also at beaches, there are various hotels and resorts which provide the utmost facilities and starred luxury to the people.

Shopping Places for Spain Mainland Holidays Traveller

Spain is full of places where tourists on  Spain mainland can shop till they drop. The El Corte Ingles is a one stop place where people can get almost anything they need in the same building. Other than this, there are many flea markets which provide people with an opportunity to get local items and craft pieces through very good deals.

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