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Thassos Holidays

Thasos or Thassos is an island in the Northern Aegean Sea. It is a Greek island which is located close to the coast of Thrace and is geographically a part of Macedonia. The island’s location is around 7kms from the main land and Kavala is located 20kms south east of the island. Thasos is the capital of the island and is informally called as Limenas. The island has a history of mining and also has a number of great beaches for people on holiday Thassos to enjoy.

Famous Thassos Holidays Attraction

There are number of archaeological sites in Thassos which provide for the enjoyment and intrigue of the travellers on holiday Thassos. The main site is present at the old port in the capital. There are statues, altars etc which decorate the ancient court of the ancient Agora. Then there is an ancient conservatory, the Hercules, Poseidon and Dionysus’s sanctuaries which were very religious places in Thassos. An ancient theatre, remains of Athena’s temple, Silinos Gate, Hercules’ Gate, and Dionysus’s Gate, etc are some other places  that are must-visits. The archaeological museum, Ancient Angora, military harbour, commercial harbour, sanctuary of Athena, sanctuary of Pan, etc are other locations in the capital of Thassos.

Weather in Thassos

The location of Thassos is in the northern part of Greece therefore the climate of the island is also different as compared to the other islands in the Aegean Sea. The climate of Thassos is colder than the other islands. Summer months start from April and extend till September after which again there is a dip in the temperature for the rest part of the year which is October through March. The average temperature in hottest month is around 27 degree Celsius whereas the lowest is in December and January.

Top Thassos Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Thassos has the maximum number of beaches in the whole of Greece and the most beautiful ones too. These beaches have fine sand and the waters are crystal clear. The landscaping is very beautiful and is the beaches are postcard perfect. The many beaches include Alyki beach, Astris beach, Psili Ammos, Rossogremos, Chrisi Amoudia, Skala Prinos, Skala Rachoni, Livadi, Tripiti, Limenaria, etc. Water sports, beach beds etc are all made available on these beaches for a perfect holiday Thassos.

Some of the best hotels and resorts which are present in Thassos to give a perfect stay to travellers on holiday Thassos are Alexandra Beach Thassos, Nostos Apartments, Hotel Atrium, Fotini Apartments, Hotel Emerald Studios, Louloudis Hotel, Hotel Pegasus, Aegean Villas, etc.

Shopping Places for Thassos holidays Traveller

There is almost everything available in Thassos which travellers can choose and buy for their souvenirs. Centre of Thassos has great markets for the purchase of any items and also the local crafts.  The main items to buy in Thassos are olives, Thyme, Iris gold jewellery, olive oil products like soaps, etc.

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