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Troulos Holidays

Are you looking for a perfect and lovely beach resort to enjoy nice holidays with your spouse? You need to plan a surprise holiday tour to Troulos that will prove a romantic and lovely holiday destination for you. Troulos is located on the southern coastline of the island and the distance between Troulos and Skiathos Town is only ten kilometers and it takes only a few minutes in reaching to Troulos. It has a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy safe and free swimming.

Famous Troulos Holidays Attraction

If you come to Troulos, you will feel a rocking holiday tour and a welcoming break will let you feel the time of twenty-first century in ancient way of living. The crystal clear water and green bottled trees have made the beaches of Troulos perfect place to relax mind and body. A variety of watersports are also available for you and you should not miss any of them that will bring true fun for you. In fact, small villages and neighboring resorts are also major attractions for you.

Weather in Troulos

Weather is perfect in Troulos and thus, you don’t need to think when to visit the resort. The perfect and fun time to visit Troulos is the summer, though the vacation season starts from Easter to the end of October. During summer season, the temperature ranges from fifteen to twenty degree Celsius.

Top Troulos Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Troulos has nice beaches for you that are packed with several watersports. You can enjoy sunbathing and also play watersports at the beaches. Well, the holidays in Troulos will be perfect for you. The most popular hotels in Troulos can be known as Thanos Studios & Apartments, Filia Studios & Apartments, Paschalis and Byzantium and many more. Don’t forget booking your hotel in advance!

Shopping Places for Troulos Holidays Travelers

Troulos shopping will include more charm and fun to your holidays. You can buy here some items to take back with you from gift shops and souvenir shops as well. If you are crazy for more shopping, you can go to Skiathos Town where you will avail leather goods, pottery and ceramics and other items as well. Have a nice holiday tour!

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