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Tunisia Holidays

Tunisia is located in North Africa and is surrounded by the countries Algeria and Libya to the west and east respectively. The country is the northernmost in Africa and also has a coast which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Around forty percent of the country Tunisia consists of the Great Sahara desert of Africa. Tunisia is said to have played a very important role in historic civilisations. With different places to explore in the country, travellers to  Tunisia simply have a great time in this amazing African land.

Famous Tunisia Holidays Attraction

The capital of Tunisia is Tuni and is the centre for all travellers. There are many other cities too in the country like Bizerte, G abes, El Kef, Nefta, etc. However,  the other popular tourist destinations for those on  Tunisia include Port El Kantaoui, Djerba, Douz, Jugurtha’s Table, El Jem which is well-preserved amphitheatre in the world, impressive remote ruins of Roman city in Djerba, Kerkouane which is remnant of untouched Punic Settlement, desert village of cave abodes at Matmata, Sidi Bou Said, Sufetula, Skanes, Metlaoui, Carthage etc.

Weather in Tunisia

Tunisia has typical Mediterranean climate which has hot and dry summers and wet winters. The annual rainfall is mainly obtained in the winter months. For Tunisia since it lies in the semi-arid zone, summers can be extra hot and temperatures may be soaring high. This makes autumn and spring time the best for visit by travellers on  Tunisia. The southern part of Tunisia consists of the Sahara desert thereby having a very high temperature fluctuation between summers and winters.

Top Tunisia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Some of the most amazing beaches are present in Tunisia for the enjoyment of the travellers on  Tunisia holidays. Various activities like sun bathing, family water sports, adventure sports can be tried out at Tunisian beaches. The beach of Tabarka has amazing waters and also a coral reef which is easily reachable by boat. Northern coastline has some sandy beaches which include Raf Raf anf Sidi el-Mekka. Beaches of Djerba, Cape Bon Peninsula, etc are some more wonderful beaches in Tunisia.

Many amazing places to stay at are present in Tunisia which provides best facilities and conveniences. These include hotels like Green Golf, Le Sultan and Sofitel Saphir Palace in Hammamet and also Ibn Khaldoun in Tunis. Djerba too has some great hotels lile Vincci Djerba Resort, Vincci Alkantara Thalassa, Sprinclub Golf and Spa, Abou Nawas etc.

Shopping Places for Tunisia Holidays Traveller

The best local stuff like fabrics, local arts and crafts can be best obtained in the local shops and markets. Also, there are various commodities that can be purchased from the airport duty free shops like dates, wines, etc. one of the best souvenirs to  take home from  Tunisia are the desert roses which are formed naturally by evaporation of water in the desert. These are available all over the country or even can be found in the Sahara desert itself.

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