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Turquoise Coast Holidays

The Mediterranean coast of turkey is called the Turquoise coast and is a beautiful place to spend vacations at. The turquoise waters in the seas give the coast this name and the travellers that come to this land are simply amazed by the beauty that is present here. The attraction of the coast of the country Turkey is such that in tune with the cultural richness, it is a very attractive place to spend time with family and friends.  Turquoise Holidays  coast can be termed as simply an exhilarating experience for tourists who come to Turkey for their vacations.

Famous Turquoise Coast Holidays Attraction

Along the coast of Turkey which faces the Mediterranean Sea, there are various destinations that the tourists on  Turquoise Holidays  Coast can explore. These include Bodrum, Marmaris, Gokova, Dalyan, Gocek, Fethiye and Datca. These regions have great sightseeing spots along the coast itself. They include archaeological sites which give a depiction of the rich historical and cultural heritage of the place. Also, there are beautiful resorts along the coasts which make the place perfect for travelling and exploring.

Weather in Turquoise Coast

The coastal areas of Turkey experience a temperate Mediterranean climate since it is along the Mediterranean Sea. The summers therefore are very hot and dry whereas the winters are mild to cold and also wet. Rainfall is mainly experienced in the time of winter months. This climate is very different from that of the interiors where condition is harsh and more desert-like. The obstruction for the Mediterranean climate to affect inland is the presence of mountains along the coast. The interiors and plains of the country  ironically experience a major difference between seasons and extremes of temperatures.

Top Turquoise Coast Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The tourists on  Turquoise Holidays  coast will simply have an amazing experience on the amazingly beautiful beaches that are on offer here. The beaches of the main resorts like Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, Dalyan, Gokova, Gocek, Sarigerme, etc are stunningly beautiful. Clear and turquoise waters give the name of the coast and also there are options of water sports, diving and exploring marine life, rafting, etc on the beaches which can be really an exhilarating experience for the tourists who come here for fun and relaxation.

For the convenience of the tourists on  Turquoise Holidays  Coast, there are numerous resorts and hotels located along side the coast. These provide amazing comfort and make the stay luxurious. These hotels include the Delfi Hotel and Spa, Ece Saray Marina and Resort, Kervansaray, etc which are all located on the beach itself.

Shopping Places for Turquoise Coast Holidays Traveller

Shopping is very well provided for in the vicinity all over the Turquoise Coast. The tourists on  Turquoise Holidays  Coast can shop in large shops as well as small kiosks. Weekly markets are also held which offer great deals for local crafts and arts. People can take home amazing souvenirs from these markets by way of great deals.

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