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West Dominican Republic Holidays

The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean Sea and constitutes two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola out of which the remaining one-third forms Haiti. Atlantic Ocean is present to the north of the island whereas Caribbean Sea is present to the south of the island which constitutes the Dominican Republic as well as Haiti. The western coast and part of the nation is a great attraction for the tourists from all over the world.  The undisturbed beaches which are palm-fringed provide an excellent getaway for people in the form of their West Dominican Republic for there holidays .

Famous West Dominican Republic Holidays Attraction

The capital of the country that is Santo Domingo is located on the western coast of the country. It is the main place and entry point for most tourists into the Dominican Republic. Other cities include Higuey, La Romana, Sosua, Barahona, Haina, San Pedro de Macoris, etc. All these cities have great beaches and other sites of interest which make the place a very interesting holiday getaway. Tourists on West Dominican Republic holidays  find a great deal to explore on the undisturbed, white beaches which provide for relaxation and also cater to adventure needs of other tourists.

Weather in West Dominican Republic

Due to its location, the island of Hispaniola which has the Dominican Republic has maritime tropical climate. Also, the island lies in the hurricane belt and therefore is highly prone to hurricanes during the months of June to October. Average rainfall of the island is around 1346 mm. however, the western coast of Dominican Republic is comparatively drier than the eastern coast which receives most of the rainfall. Other than the wet season, the climate of the island remains almost the same all throughout the year which is sunny and warm.

Top West Dominican Republic Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Beautiful beaches line the west coast of the island. People on West Dominican Republic can explore amazing beaches which line the coast. The beaches in Barahona, Haina, San Pedro de Macoris, and La Romana are unspoiled and cater to the tourists’ wish to relax on such beaches in the sun and relax having a great time. The option of water sports and adventures is also open to the people who wish to take them through snorkelling, diving, parasailing, etc.

Resorts on the west coast of the countries are now well developed to provide complete luxury to the tourists who come for West Dominican Republic. These are present in the form of resorts and hotels with starred luxury options. Also, vacation homes and rental homes are available for longer durations for people who come to stay for longer in this beautiful land.

Shopping Places for West Dominican Republic Holidays Traveller

There are various places one can shop while on West Dominican Republic. However there are certain things which are must-buys while there. The most important of these is Larimar jewellery which is available in the local shops.  

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