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Zante Holidays

Zante is an Ionian island which is also called as Zakynthos. Zante is the English name for this third largest of the islands which is located in the Ionian Sea. The island has a lot of history attached to it and is said to be inhabited since the Neolithic Age. The name of the island has been given from the name of the son Zakynthos of Arcadian chief Dardanos. Due to the history and other environmental factors too,  Zante can be really exciting for the travellers.

Famous Zante holidays Attraction

The places to visit in Zante are plenty in number and are so engrossing for the travellers on  Zante. These places include the Blue Caves which are present on the northern part of the island. There are natural arches which are cut out by erosion and also are very famous for the deep azure colour in mornings in the deeper parts. The wrecks of an old smuggler ship are also present and provide a great view to travellers. For a panoramic view of the sea, the best place is Cape Skinari which also has some ruins from the past.

Weather in Zante

The island of Zante experiences a mild Mediterranean climate which means that the summers are hot and dry whereas the winters are cool but wet. Zante receives plentiful rainfall in winters which thereby accounts for the lush green environs of the island. The vegetation is dense and the principle crops that are grown here include olive oil, currants, grapes, citrus fruits etc. the best time to visit the island and plan  Zante holidays  is between March and May. It is during this time that the island has various blooms and the hills are green and lush.

Top Zante holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are many highly popular beaches for the travellers on  Zante. These beaches have fine sands, cool blue waters and also opportunity for activities like surfing, water sports, etc. some of these beaches include Agios Nicolaos, Alikanas, Alikes, Argasi, Banana, Bouka, Dafni, Gerakas, Kalamaki, Laganas, Navagio, Porto Koukla, Porto Roma, Porto Zoro, Tsilvi, etc.

Hotels with starred luxury options are present in Zante for the convenience and luxurious stay of travellers. The Mediterranean Beach Resort, Lesante Hotel & Spa, Arkadia Hotel,
Caretta Beach Hotel, Ilaria Hotel, Zante Park Hotel, etc are some of these hotels.

Shopping Places for Zante holidays Traveller

During  Zante holidays , there are many ways you can remember the visit since a lot of souvenir shops are present. The waterfront has numerous shops for any items that you wish to buy, whether they are clotehs, shoes, local crafts, foods, etc. The Adamieion ceramic workshop is also a great place for a search for good souvenirs to bring back home.

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