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Zurich Holidays

Zurich is the most beautiful and cherished sightseeing place where people love to go for there holidays. It is known as the biggest and the most populated city of Switzerland. It is famous worldwide for its cleanliness and thus, it wins the hearts of visitors. The city also has a big lake, two rivers and eye-catching tree packed mountains. Moreover, the city also has plenty of magnificent attractions, such as the Great Church, the Church of Our Lady, Old town, Bahnhofstrasse, and even St. Peter Church.

Famous Zurich Holidays Attractions

The beautiful city has plenty of places where you can visit at the time of Zurich holidays and you rock the world of enjoyment here. Great Church that is a 12th- century cathedral that lets visitors enjoys the historical, as well as architectural significance. Church of Our Lady is also another attractive place of the city that speaks the saga of 13th century. It is famous worldwide for its stained-glass windows designed in 1970s. Apart from these places, some other sightseeing places include Old Town, Bahnhofstrasse and St-Peter Church. In fact, Zurich is known as the best city where you will find everything exceptional.

Weather in Zurich

Zurich is famous in all over the world for its pleasing weather and cool atmosphere. The snow season begins here from November and it ends in April. During winter season, the temperature runs between 5C and 6C that lets you play with snow. The rainy season in Zurich begins from June and runs through out September. During April month, the temperature runs from 30 degree to 32 degree Celsius. The travelers love to visit the place from April to November because it is the best time to enjoy natural scenery of Zurich city.

Top Zurich Holidays Hotels

Zurich is a famous holiday destination and thus, it has no problem with accommodation. People can find hotels, as well as resorts according to their needs and interests. The city is famous for gay-friendly accommodations, bars, as well as restaurants that can also be found in the Old Town. The Alpine resort of Saas Fee is one of the most favorite places to stay there. People can enjoy special cuisine of the particular city and can enjoy the nightlife of the city.

Shopping Places in Zurich

Zurich is truly a spectacular city that offers an array of places for shopping purpose. People can quench their thirst of buying different things of different places. In comparison to other shopping places in the European capitals, Zurich is packed with various shopping malls. You can go to Bahnhofstrasse and special department stores at Globus and Jelmoli. For fashionable items, you can go to Ermenegildo Zenga and Bally. Thus, you will find several particular places for shopping as per your choice!

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