Albania Holidays

Albania is one of the smallest countries in the Europe. This small country has a distinctive atmosphere that definitely attracts the nature lovers. It lost all the glory and natural touch by the mid 1990’s due to the pollution and industrial growth. Her beaches were spoilt by mass tourism. But gradually its whole scenario has changed a lot and today holiday Albania offers a great excitement in between the rare of Europe. Albania shows a glimpse of the ancient Europe with the glance of its cultural traits and practices.  

Famous Albania Holidays Attractions:

Albania is the ancient country and hence shows the traces of old Europe. Here you can find interesting spots like Museums, Bylis Theater of 3rd centaury B.C. The capital city Tirana will get you historical monuments where you can find traces of Italian and Turkish architecture. An ancient city Durazzo that will give you glimpse of ancient Albanians. 

Top Albania Holidays Beaches and Hotels:

Albania is a small country which has became one of the most visited countries in the Europe. Hence is the reason that the holiday Albania can give you the experience of every kind of hotel and guest house whether the luxurious or the basic ones.

Top Albania Holidays Hotels:

Hotel Mondial (Four-Star): This mid range hotel will give you all the modern facility that a traveler expects for the high comfort. It is situated quite a long high from the center of town but it has a very sound reputation through its services and yes of course for its Italian food.

Hotel Nobel (Three-star): This is again a medium budget hotel that is situated perfectly in the center of the town. The place and the comfort that this hotel offers will defiantly give you the feel at home.

Diplomat Fashion hotel: This is a mid range hotel that has the most stylish interiors in the whole town. This zany boutique hotel has each floor themed as per the biggest fashion hubs of the world.

Top Albania Holidays Beaches:

Albania is a country that is all surrounded by the natural beauty. She has been blessed by the beautiful beaches that are just the perfect hub for the most relaxation.

Dhermi: Dhermi is not a stylish or interesting place to visit. But holiday Albania is incomplete without visiting the beach at Dhermi. It is the best place in this city which gathers the tourists around.

Vlora Beach: Volra beach is quite relaxing and is surrounded by the most beautiful natural environment. This beach is known for its comfort and the relaxation factor that it gives.   

Shengjin: Shengjin or St. John is the beach town located near Lezha city. This is a long drive beach that gives you the most required experience walking nearby it. The location of this just perfect and gives the lovely sunset backdrop in the evening. 

Shopping Places for Albania Holidays Traveler:

Albania is a unique shopping destination for travelers. Carpets, embroidered work are worth a pick. Silver and copper works along with wood carving are also good buy when in Albania. Tirana has various shopping malls. Local crafts can also be bought as souvenirs for family and friends! Shopping in local markets is fun! You can buy lots of stuff without spending much! But be ready to bargain to get a good deal. Credit cards are not used that much in Albania, so make sure you have the local currency when shopping!

Holiday Albania can give you the most amazing experience. This natural wonder ancient country can open the doors of early Europe for you!