Argentina Holidays

The name Argentina has been derived from the Latin word argentums that means silver. Holiday Argentina can be the most beautiful experience that will make you meet the land of Gauchos, Asado, Mate, Pampas, Tango, and Dulce de leche. The capital city Buenos Aires is the center of the country in all ways besides of its geographical location. Argentina is the clean land which has various monuments and different natural locations.

Argentina Holidays Attraction:

Argentina is a country that compliments various tourist destinations. Pampas is the ancient city here that has various centers that go back to the time of colonies. These centers are worth visiting and make holiday Argentina a complete package. The next tourist destination is the west Argentina’s Andes Mountains. These mountains are the perfect outdoor sporting source that offers hiking, skiing and much more. For wildlife lovers Patagonia, the south land of Argentina is the right choice.

Argentina Holidays Beaches and Hotels:
Beaches of Argentina

Pinamar: Pinamar is one of several small seaside communities that line the coast near Atlantic Ocean. The perfect time to visit the beaches around here is the summers. It has 22KM wide beaches along it and the close town of Carilo is a great place to relax on its peaceful wood-hostels.  
Mar del Plata: This is an Argentinean city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches around here are very beautiful and vibrant that gathers loads of tourists.  

Hotels in Argentina:

Holiday Argentina can get you the most desired luxurious comfort with its world class hotels that offer ultimate services with a decent budget.
Axel Hotel (Four Star): This is a top end hotel which brings the most luxurious pad. This hotel has the famous two pools, one with see through bottom. Also this hotel has the designer rooms and offers a great sauna area.
Casa Alfaro B&B (Guest House): This is a guest house located near Palermo Viejo. This guest house provides the world class hospitality services but with in a mid price range.

Dazzler Libertad (3 star Hotel): Located in the Congreso of Argentina Dazzler Libertad offers the comfortable rooms and giant level lobby. This top end hotel has the dazzling amount of glass used.
Marco Polo Inn (Self Catering): This is a budget hotel which is located near E of Arroyo Calafate. This self catering lodge has a spark that creates the potential of a brand new lodging style.

Shopping Places for Argentina Holidays Traveler:

Argentina can be a shopping paradise for travelers. Shopping malls, crafts store, boutiques, galleries to major brands are all available in Argentina. Every city in Argentina offers you a shopping destination. Buenos Aires is famous for leather goods. You can buy a range of handbags, shoes, jackets and even get it custom made within a few days. Native arts and handicrafts are also a good buy to take back home. San Telmo and Plaza Dorego is where you can find unique souvenirs to take back home for friends and relatives. But be ready to bargain to get a good deal at cheap price!
Holiday Argentina can bring you the wonderful experience of lifetime. It is the country that shows the perfect glimpse of the South America.