Australia Holidays

Australia is a land of contrasts - topographical, cultural, physical, meteorological and visual. From the history of 40,000 years when the Aborigines were the first to settle, Australia is now one of the most famous countries in the world. Australia is technically an independent continent that has large differences between the regions. The heritage and culture of Australia is quite rich due to involvement of various outsiders who are now living in here. Holiday Australia brings the excitement of the culture from the whole world. This holiday will give the chance to see the island state Tasmania that has got one fifth of its total area as World Heritage area.

Famous Australia Holidays Attraction:

Australia is the land of deadly spiders, snakes and sharkss but it is not the reason to fear but the interesting places in Australia will make you explorer not the fearer.  From the prehistoric gorges of Kakadu National Park, to the white sails of the Sydney Opera House, Australia is a country as big as you can imagine. The capital city Sydney offers the hi-tech facilities and is under the most famous world class cities.  The culture rich city of Melbourne here will give you the satisfactory experience and a chance to know the Australian race very closely.

Top Australia Hotels and Beaches:

Australians are the fun lovers and hence you can find various hotels that will offer you a complete peace of mind. The beach sides here are the most wonderful and interesting spots.

Amigos Guest House: Located in the heart of the city center this mid range accommodation will give beach side experience. Soaked in south of the border flavors, this cozy B&B marinates in exquisitely relaxed vibes. 

Arts Factory Lodge: This is a budget hotel gives you everything with a proper budget. It has the Ballardian sculptures, urban art, a cinema, spa and bar.
Atlantis Hotel (3 star): This hotel is located in the City Center and offers the premium facilities but in a mid price range.  This hotel is luxurious in every aspect whether its interiors or the hospitality that it offers.   

Most of the beaches in Australia are only about a 3 hours drive from the capital city Sydney. Besides soaking sun and swimming the nearby areas of the beaches are also worth a visit.

Bondi Beach: the most famous Bondi Beach offers the panoramic views of dolphins and beautiful cliff faces.

Turquoise Bay: Turquoise Bay is a small bay found in the Ningaloo Marine Park about 60 kilometres out of Exmouth, Western Australia.  It's a pristine beach dotted only by small coral rocks and people who are enjoying the sun, sand and water.

Shopping Places for Australia Holidays Traveler:

With so many shopping ideas, you are bound to bring something home from Australia. Melbourne and Sydney have a range of high end brands and big labels. Shopping centers in these cities will help you buy interesting gifts to carry home for your family and friend. Rainforest market in Cairns is the best place to get unique gifts and souvenirs.  Organic food, jewelry, clothing and art can be found in both malls and local shopping centers.  Make sure you get the taste of the local flavor when shopping in Australia.

Holiday Australia is not only adventurous but also very pleasure giving. Holiday Australia can be made to fit everyone’s requirement. You will never have dull moment in Australia.