Austria Holidays

Austria is a land locked country which is situated in the central Europe.  It is surrounded by the countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland. The capital city of Vienna is the known world city which has a history of ruling the world over 600 years. This ancient city is known for its medieval architecture and music.

Famous Austria Holidays Attraction:

The famous world heritage old town by UNESCO is situated in the southern city of Graz. Salzburg, the city of the famous Mozart is yet another attraction spot that gathers the visitors because of its scenic beauty. It is all surrounded by the tall mountains and has the world famous 11th-century Hohensalzburg Castle, the Museum of Fine Arts, and St. Peter's Abbey.

Holiday Austria will also give you a chance to see the interesting Hellbrunn Palace whose grounds contain trick fountains and water-powered figures.

if you love the off beaten rough tracks then, Austria is for you! Wels and Steyr are the two small cities that will give you an experience are worth a visit. Rust and Gurk are some good places to explore. Also the largest accessible ice caves i.e. the Eisriesenwelt Caves are here in Austria. The ancient Austrian Emperors used to spend their holidays in Bad_Ischl which was the famous spa of that time and is open for the visitors.  

Top Austria Places for Accommodation:

Austria is a beautiful country that cares for her visitors. The hospitality and the joy of the most memorable trip can be experienced when holidaying in Austria.
Augarten Hotel (Four Star): The modern hotel that stand outs in the in suburban Graz with some quirky touches. It gives all the modern facilities and the world class accommodation with its all individually decorated rooms. This hotel is one of the top-end in the price range.

Bierwirt Hotel (Four Star): This is a mid range hotel that stands in with the green surroundings alpine vistas. This famous hotel is known for its decent hospitality and attentive staff.  

Grand Hotel (Five Star): The Grand hotel is the top price ranged hotel situated in the neighborhood of Innere Stadt. It is the first Vienna’s luxury hotel. It has all the lavish luxurious hotels.  

Hotel DO Step Inn (Hostel/Hotel): This is a budget hotel that is situated in the Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus area. This hotel will offer the basic facilities but is well connected to the nearest Vienna’s main train terminal.

Shopping Places for Austria Holidays Traveler:

Holiday Austria is as rewarding as the shopping there. You will always find something worthy to remember your holiday in Austria. Make sure you have Euros in your pocket when you start your shopping in Austria. Vienna offers a unique shopping experience. Furniture, books, leather goods, jewelry, antiques you can find almost anything at Vienna. If you are looking for lederhosen then head to Salzburg. Open and flea markets in Austria are a good way to buy things while experiencing the real Austria.   

Holiday Austria will bring you the whole joy of spending your vacations with a unique touch. It flaunts its heritage in fashionable style plus the flavor of Roman archeological sites and the medieval festivals are worth to take a close look at.