Bahamas Holidays

Bahamas is the most adventurous palette location that offers you the premium locations to visit. Comprising of very large group of islands Bahamas is known for Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. With excellent beaches, laid back feel and romantic seclusion, Bahamas is the ultimate holiday heaven. It has nearly 700 islands and hence the unlimited fun.

Famous Bahamas Holidays Attractions

Bahamas has loads of places that are worth visiting. Such place not only offers you the adventurous experience but will give you a closer look the different kind of life style. The famous Abaconian villages of the lands of Bahamas are quite unique. Diving in the blue holes of Androsians, pondering with the pirates in Nassau and lots more are the star attractions of Bahamas. The fun of the holiday Bahamas is unlimited.

Top Bahamas Hotels and Beaches

Bahamas is the adventurous place that is note developed much and hence the accommodation here will not be up to the slandered mark.

Harbor Colony (Apartments): This is a luxurious building (with in the group) that is situated on exclusive Paradise island. It is in the neighbourhood of the Naasau. This hotel is well connected with the shopping centers, Cabbage Beach and offers the all night dine facility.

The Towne Hotel (Hotel): This hotel is located in the downtown Nassau and is the choice of all from all parts of the world and all ages. This is a budget accommodation and just situated near by the world famous Bay Street for exclusive duty free shopping. The night life of this area is also appreciated.

Best Western Bay Suites (3 Star): This class hotel is located in the Nassau area near Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island. It is surrounded by nature and you will get the slandered facilities with outstanding hospitality.

Beaches of Bahamas:

The land of 700 islands number of beautiful beaches that are thronged by various travelers from all corners of the world.

The famous Cable beach and Paradise Islands are the acclaimed worth visiting. The area surrounding these beaches will give you resorts, restaurants, golf courses, casinos and yes obviously the water sports. The beach lounges are just the perfect place of sun worshippers. The night parties here are just awesome.

Cable Beach is known for its beautiful stretches of white sand bordered by swaying palms and cerulean waters. The beaches attached to the hotels are well-populated by holidaymakers and vendors selling anything from shell jewelry and beach cover-ups to hair braiding services and fresh coconut juice. Even though resorts line much of the shorefront, there is public access and also a few less busy areas to enjoy.

Shopping Places for Bahamas Holidays Traveler:

Great choices make, Bahamas a great shopping destination. Local Bahamas straw markets and high end labels serve the tastes of everyone who wants to shop in Bahamas. Nassau, Bay Street are major destination for high scale shopping.  Bahamas is famous for straw made products like hats, bags and other goods, which can’t be found anywhere else.

Holiday Bahamas can be the perfect outing for the nature lovers. The scenic beauty here will take you out of the regular activities and will offer you great peace of mind. This all with additional flavor of adventure!