Belgium Holidays

Belgium is an independent European country that occupies a remarkable place in the world. It comprises of a group of several historic cities such as Bruges, Ghent, Liège, Namur (and Brussels itself) that offers impressive architecture, lively nightlife, first-rate cuisine and numerous other attractions for visitors. Belgium's democracy is of the typically stable, cautiously progressive, western-European liberal type. The principal domestic problem is continuing tension between the Flemish-speaking north and the French-speaking south of the country. Holiday Belgium will give you a closer glimpse of the monarchy culture that was followed in the ancient Europe.

Famous Belgium Holidays Attractions

Belgium is an advanced nation and has all the modern day world class facilities to offer. During your holiday Belgium you will see several ancient cities, architectures, sites, museums and much more. Some most acclaimed attractions here are Atomium, Central Square (grand place), Flanders Fields, Statue of the pissing boy (Manneken Pis) and Cathedral of our Lady.

The Atomium was designed by engineer André Waterkeyn as a celebration of scientific progress for the 1958 World Fair. The structure stands 102 metres (334 feet) high, weighs 2400 metric tonnes (2439 tons), and represents an iron crystalline molecule enlarged 165 billion times. Inside the nine spheres, visitors can see an exhibition showing how the Atomium has been depicted in comic strips through the years and an audiovisual presentation on the construction of the Atomium.

The Grand’ Place has been at the heart of Brussels life since the 11th century. Almost totally destroyed by the French bombardment ordered by Louis XIV in 1695, it was later rebuilt in its original architectural style by various workers’ guilds.

Flanders Fields was the site of around half a million deaths in the horrific trenches of World War I. There are numerous military cemeteries and ‘Missing Memorials’ in the region commemorating those of all nationalities who fell in battle.

Top Belgium Hotels:

Anselmus Hotel Bruge Bruges (3 star Guesthouse): This is a mid range budget hotel which is situated near the city center. Entering this classic step-fronted house is like wading into a mousse of color. The reproduction old master paintings, very blue walls and age-effect woodwork are classy to some tastes.
Antwerp Hilton (4 star Hotel): This is the top end hotel that is located in the old city center area. It offers all the international business standard hospitality combining with all the latest facilities.

Astrid Park Plaza (4 star Hotel): This hotel is located near the central station. It is known for its interiors and is a top end hotel.

Shopping Places for Belgium Holidays Traveler:

When vacationing in Belgium, shopping can add the extra fun! Bigger shops in the cities have their own flavor but don’t miss the smaller shops in towns! They offer a shopping experience, unique to Belgium. Brussels, the capital city has a range of high end shops with top fashion labels adorning them. Jewelry, antiques, crystals and the things to buy. When in Belgium do try the Belgian chocolate, which is considered the finest in the world.  Antwerp is the diamond capital of the world.  Belgium has a lot to offer, get cash and your credit cards ready and go shopping!

Holiday Belgium is the star attraction for the European visitors. It offers natural scenic beauty with great ancient architecture.