Bermuda Holidays

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is an overseas British territory which is self-governing. Bermuda is just located off the coast of North America east of North Carolina. Divided into nine parishes, there is simply so much that travellers can explore in this country. A hook shaped association of numerous islands, 138 to be precise is connected by road bridges between them. However, in spite of this Bermuda is considered to be one big island.

Lots of activities are offered to people who come for holiday Bermuda. There are so many beaches to explore, sports to indulge in, and activities like bird watching, golf, horseback riding, witnessing the remnants of history, etc. All this is available in the same single destination which is Bermuda.

Famous Bermuda Holidays Attraction

Only one city and one town exist in Bermuda. The city is the capital of Bermuda which is Hamilton. The oldest surviving English New World Town, St. George is the town that is present in Bermuda. The country is divided into parishes. St. George town is surrounded by the St.  George Parish and has the island of St. David across the harbour.  The other parishes are Hamilton parish which has Crystal Caves and the Bermuda Aquarium. Smith’s Parish is also worth visiting since it has the Spittle Pond Nature Preserve and Devil's Hole Aquarium and is also home to the Flatts Village.

There are many other activities those travellers on holiday Bermuda can take up. Paget Parish has numerous resorts on the beach, bird watching, botanical gardens. Golf, horse riding is available in Warwick Parish. All these and more activities make the place very attractive.

Top Bermuda Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The Elbow beach is a famous beach which is present in the Paget Parish is a great place for tourists on holiday Bermuda. There are numerous resorts too which can be enjoyed for stay. The best beaches of the country are present in Southampton parish. The Baileys Bay beach in Hamilton parish is a great place to relax and so is the Horseshoe Bay Beach which has conveniences like restaurants, cafes, etc. Some fine beaches are also present in the Sandys Parish.

Great resorts and hotels are present in Bermuda to provide a comfortable stay to the travellers. Southampton has the Pompano Beach Club which is highly popular. Other popular options include The Reefs, Royal Palms Hotel, Clairfont Apartments, Cambridge Beaches, etc.

Shopping Places for Bermuda Holidays Traveller

There are shops easily found which can provide travellers with souvenirs and gifts from their holiday Bermuda. They can buy jewellery, clothes, crystal items, handicrafts, Irish linen, glassworks, etc.

In Bermuda, a completely laid back environment makes it very relaxing for the travellers to have a holiday in this country. Experience the place in real and create the memories of Bermuda for ever in your mind.