Bhutan Holidays

If you want to explore the untainted beauty of nature, then Bhutan is the right place to be. Known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, this small country is one of those rare places left on earth where pollution is a stranger, where the people are sheltered by the towering mountains of the Himalayas and where indigenous culture has been untouched by the ravages of the modern world. The raw scenic beauty of this land is unmatched and the unique architecture of the land will have you thinking you are in a different world. As for the people, they are one of the happiest and most hospitable people that one could encounter.

Famous Bhutan Holidays Attraction

Small though Bhutan is, it has a lot to offer to visitors. First and foremost, this is a land the hearts of those who love trekking. As it is situated along the ridges of the Himalayas, trekking is one of the most popular sports. The stark beauty of the highest mountain range in the world is combined with that of the numerous Buddhist temples which are scattered all over the country. Some of the more famous temples are Kurjey Lhakhang, Guru Rinpoche and Takstashang Monastery. The remarkable architecture of this country may also be witnessed when you are trekking. You will get to see the famous Dzongs which are ancient fortresses.

You can enjoy many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks while you are here. Jigme Dorji National Park, Royal Manas National Park, Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuaries, Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary and Toorsa Strict Nature Reserve are some of the noted ones.

Apart from these sites and activities, you may also take part in the festivals of this country. There is the Thimpu Tshechu Festical which is celebrated in late summer and fall. Festivals dedicated to archery, which is the national sport, are also organized year round.

Top Bhutan Holidays Hotels

 Though Bhutan is a country that is still in its nascent stage of development, many hotels are springing up. Among them, the Amankora lodges at Thimpu, Paro, Punakha, Bumtang and Gangte are famous for their spas. Apart from them, Dewachen Hotel in Thimpu, Uma Paro in Paro, Jakar Village Lodge in Bumthang and Yangkhil Resort in Trongsa may also be recommended.

Shopping Places for Bhutan Holidays Traveler

Thimpu is not only the administrative capital of Bhutan but also its shopping hub. It is famous for its Thimpu Emporium and street markets. The items which are bought by tourists most often are stamps, thangkhas, hand-woven fabrics, colorful masks, wooden bowls, metalwork, handmade paper, carpets, local made alcoholic drinks and jewelry. Do not buy antiques as they are not allowed to be taken outside the country.

Bhutan is no doubt a beautiful country with carefully preserved vibrant traditions and it is emerging as a major tourist center. You can partake of its fascinating vistas without hassles as it is now easily accessible both by air and road.