British Virgin Islands Holidays

The British Virgin Islands are made up of more than 60 islands, most of which are secluded islets and cays. The climate is breezy, the people friendly and the place beautiful- perfect for a getaway!

Famous British Virgin Islands Holidays Attractions

The British Virgin Islands are famous for their beaches as well as water sports and adventures. The best known tourist attraction is the island of Tortola, also known as Land of the Turtle Doves. From ridges of mountains, sun-kissed beaches laced with palm trees and sea-grapes to national parks, it is also the place where the capital, Road Town, is situated. Virgin Gorda Island is the other hotspot. It has many noted national parks- the Baths, Gorda Peak, Devil’s Bay National Park, Little Fort National Park, Spring Bay and the Copper Mine.

For adventure lovers, these islands are a haven. Fishing, sailing, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, skiing- everything can be done. Many people also charter yachts and helicopters to enjoy island hopping.

These islands are also loved for their exotic cuisines and drinks. The restaurants serve not only the local sea food but also cuisines from all over the world, including Guyanian, Italian, French and Asian. While rum is the favorite drink of the islanders, adventurous concoctions are also served in the local bars.

Top British Virgin Islands Beaches and Hotels

The beaches of the British Virgin Islands are famous for their fine white sand. Tortola has the world famous Cane Garden Bay, the expansive Elizabeth Beach and Apple Bay Beach, known for its full moon parties at Bombas Surfside Shack. Apart from them, the Devil’s Bay Beach in Virgin Gorda, the Sandy Spit Beach in Jost Van Dyke and Flash of Beauty Beach in Anegada are also worth a visit.

As for hotels and resorts, these islands have quite a collection. Virgin Gorda’s Biras Creek Resort, Peter Island Resort and Guana Island Resort are the best known among them.

Shopping Places for British Virgin Islands Holidays Traveler

The British Virgin Islands are also a shopper’s paradise. Road Town may also be referred to as the shopping capital. Its main shopping center is Wickham’s Cay. There are many shops on the main streets where you can buy souvenirs.

You can also visit the farmers market in the Craft Alive area and check out the native artwork which may include crocheted items, straw hats, rum and guavaberry liquor. Clothes and jewelry imported from Florida, Panama and St.Maarten are also available here.

Although the British Islands are a group of islands, out of which only 16 are inhabited, is the perfect holiday destination for those who those who yearn for relaxation in the shelter of the unspoiled beauty of nature. You can easily get there by plane or by boat.